end of our era .

i've always been this way . mysteriously transparent . knowingly self-centered . confused . yet willing , somehow . willing to open myself to all of you without caring about your rejection . your questions . your disapproval . i've always been this way . evolved ? sure . still me ? definitely . a lot has changed , yeah . i am deeply rooted in my purpose now . i am directly responsible for the well being of another human life . every single choice i make has to have my best interests in mind because they are tied to the interests of another . i no longer have time for fear or indecision . immobility . amateur-ity (i made that up , but it rolls off the tongue like it's always been a word so shrug) . . . allow me to reintroduce myself to you . let me direct you to the first page of this blog . read it in full & take me out of it . insert yourself into my perspective . connect . fucking feel something , then re-read this post . i have always been this way . the person pushing you to confront . the person forcing you to explain . the person convincing you that you are incredible . how many times can i tell you who YOU are before you start to understand exactly who I am ? lemme start from the beginning . i started this blog so many years ago during the break up of a romantic relationship . here i am now lost in the emotion of another type of break up with the same person , cursing myself for not heeding my feelings & words back then . i shouldn't have stuck around to continue to be misunderstood after so many years of so-called understanding . i can no longer prove my worth to the worthless . my truth lies here within these posts . where is yours ? cuz see . . . i've always been me . praying you begin to find you . cheers to the end of an era . luckily , the best thing about the book of life - it never runs out of chapters . don't be afraid to flip the fucking page .