a bittersweet yesterday.

so the short & sweet of yesterday

my parents got down on me super tough & it really had me inna weird space. it happens from time to time. whoever said growin up is hard to do was completely right. everyday is this crazy rollercoaster ride, sometimes i feel like i don't know whether i'm comin or goin. all i do is trust that my life will turn out the way i see it in my dreams. Peut-etre je suis simplement reveur comme john lennon a dit. at any rate, my folks were gettin down on me pretty bad, & while i was depressed about it i did my best to be happy, because

in the midst of all the drama at home

i (finally) became a piece of merchandise. (finally) because it's been a nervous 3-week long negotiation process with legal folks, not to mention a 7-year long artistic aspiration...it's crazy, when i first met brook at prom i never would have imagined this. life is funny like that. i'm a mixture of different emotions now: excited, nervous, anxious, hopeful, etc. i trust that everything is gonna work out well. no room for pessimism. the rock division at warner bros records better be ready for us.

yeah...bad days do progressively get better.

today has been somewhat of a repeat. sad-sacky morning, but then i realized something very important: i have great friends. yesterday when i needed to escape, my girl since 7th grade showed up with the vehicle. when i wanted to never come back, my better half shared his wisom. when i only wanted to bury my face in the pillow & cry all day, my partner in cr(hyme)ime packed the bowl. earlier today when i was standin in my own way (no rhyme intended) my major rager sent me the best leo horoscope: "maybe sometimes god has bigger plans for you than you have for yourself".

so, i need to get a grip right?

...right. and if what i said 7 lines up is true, then bring on the night!

again, no rhyme intended.

and 2day's top pick is "when the world is runnin down you make the best of what's still around" by the police.