tres friday's faves...

**one (for the money): garageband. even u can be a producer.
**too (many, too lil time!): medical marijuana.
**three (times a lady): adrian martinez. he keeps me laughin, drunk, & fashionable. watch out for us next year...we're comin with a few uppercuts.
**for (the ho in u): tall, lanky emcee boys with cool sneakers & cute smiles. i mean, all that AND they always know where the weed is at.
**five (golden riiiiiings): prince vs mike jac parties. i danced till i sweat out my fresh press. so old school.
**six (million ways 2 die): short boys with ill swaggers & fresh styles. they light my fire...i always want em to climb my legs.
**l8r (sk8r): happy hours at cha cha cha with my girls from hi school. them bitches should take their comedy show on the road.
**niiiiine ("& that's the magic numbaaaa"): tbs. they always air the cheesy/"guilty pleasure" flicks AAAAAND "saved by the bell" 4 times in the mornin. suhweetuh.
**ten (years gone): my lil bro miles cuz he kills it on the bball court. go cubs! parker, ur next baby...

i'm so sleepy i'm delirious.
it's all worth it cuz i'm workin. i'm not just hangin out in the streets like a hobo. goin out is like a treat to myself these days cuz i'm always wrapped up in my music. not complainin. simply sharin.
on the flipside
i'm also becomin an introvert. i only want to be around certain people, & i can count those folks on 1 hand. i don't really know what that's about, but i'm lovin myself rite now & i don't just wanna surround myself with any/everybody. i guess for 1nce in my life i'm learnin how to mix selectivity with my whimsy.

song of the day is by the nola darlin theory. "genuine". the ultimate breakup song. and "1970" by the stooges. the perfect "i'm on my way to a fun party" song.

oh yeah, go see "the fountain" w/ rachel weisz & wolverine. heavy. beautifully amazing visuals.

okay. time to ease the cabin fever.