new york city is blurry.

or maybe it's just my photos of the recent new york city trip.
or it could just be all the champagne
it's prolly that.
but if u know anything u know that, "blurries are kinda sexy".
and guess what? penthouse parties are even sexier.

ahhhh me matey
the weekend was a dream come true.

i've always dreamed of sittin front row at a major fashion week show. people speakin french. papparazi snappin flicks. shwag. models. beautiful hotel suites with cash & gold on the nightstands. fancy dinner parties with french fashionistes. me & mabel. kristy's impromptu photoshoot. bundled up on the subway. ruffles. and the most beautiful display of post neo hip-hop negois bourgeosie love(lol). fashion agent & fashion designer extraordinaire. the effects of too much wine & champagne. vintage boots & lacoste. big watches & my brave lil tattoo. mean muggin with doc at a swanky hotel. reunited and it feels so good.

and now
back to 80 degree reality.
not for long.
get ready chicago.

this post is random & all over the place
what more did u expect from me?