"dear boys" : an open letter to the boys we lvoe.

dear boys :

u confuse us so. like to the point that we have to sit up until 3am grindin our teeth & splittin our fuckin wigs tryin to figure out whether or not u like us. sure. u always call when we don't expect it, but then other times u don't call at all. u love to be seen with us, & i mean, who can blame u. & yeah, u love to do all those "couple-y" things like loungin in bed on a sunday eve while watchin family guy. & yes, u did introduce us to all of ur cool friends because u wanted them to lvoe us just as much as u do. while that all seems lovely & wonderful, u kill it by talkin about how cute ur "girlfriend" is as uve got ur hands down our pants on the dancefloor. i mean, we WERE turned on, but there's no way we're gonna get it in with u (tonight) now. okay. yeah, we'll still do a lil harmless makin out with u in the bathroom, but don't add insult to injury by whippin ur cock out in my face while i'm squattin on the toilet. ew. what kinda sluts do u take us for? & why doesn't the word "consistency" exist in ur vocabulary? & yeah, it's only been a short amount of time, but when are u gonna open up & let us see who u really are? i mean, we know we don't know what we want, but we know that we want u to stop bein so fuckin dizz-bizz*. bottom line, boys : either really lvoe us or leave us alone. . . .

but just so u know, we hope that u choose to lvoe us instead of leave us cuz even tho ur confusin & retarded ur also really cute & cool.

ya know. just an f.y.i.

heart, jack & camille. **

argh lol.

*footnote : "dizz-bizz" is short for "dumb bones", which is some random term i came up with

**footnote : we had a very interestin tues nite w/ some very interestin fly guys who left us completely topsy turvy. this letter is all in fun w/ a 2% serious twinge to it. okay. maybe more than 2%, but i'm being a toughie right now. . . .

pssh!...these dumb boys better get it together. "don't they realize that black girls are in this year??!?"