faces .

i seem to have a million of em
if u watch very closely i'll show em all to u inna short span of time
i truly have nothin to hide.
i feel amazin.
inside & out.
in charge.
free to be.
as hard as i'm workin these days i'm partyin just as hard.
can't let that get outta hand since these are crucial moments
i've ascended upon a brannew plateau of my life...
i'm meetin new crowds of people
seein a lot of faces that love
twice as many more that i hate.
the way that people react to me now is pretty strange.
they think i'm someone i'm not.
they think i have things that i don't.
they want a chunk of me immediately altho they don't deserve anything from me.
it's a lil scary
how people will instantly love u just because
wear friendly faces
they don't even know ur last name or where ur from or who u really are.
people think that they see u onstage
they will instantly be able to connect with u once u step off.
i don't know who to trust lately.
i don't know what to believe.
when u say things to me
do u mean them?
do u wanna know me beyond the stage?
what face do u wanna see when u look at me?

i will never give u what u want
u can have what i choose to give u.
if u really are who u say u want to be to me
u will get to see all of my faces.

i showed a few of those faces for trace magazine's lens.
yes. trace magazine.
not fader, which is what i originally thought.
it's that time of year again for the annual "black girls rule !" issue
yours truly is lucky enough to be included in this issue for the 2nd year inna row.
the photoshoot was simple :
me, mr. schoolhouse of han cholo, a wonderful gold pirate ship necklace, & just the right amount of sunlight.
should be interestin
'specially since it's the "black girls rule !" issue
he's not black
he's definitely not a girl.
we go well together because we both have the same issue with our "faces".
we wear a few all at once
we only have to wear one around each other.
thats important to me right now.

oh, but don't label me "taken" just yet
that same old story is startin to tell itself again
this time
i'm not expectin much
it should work out just fine.

what else can i say today?

everything in general. nothin in particular.