hi sun .

today i am excited about the endless possibilities of . . .
& therefore
i am a little anxious.
not to the point of self-sabotage
not that anxious
a little on edge.
there's just so much on the verge of boilin over & i just want it to all hit the fan already so i can know just where i'll stand.

don't u hate it how i neglect u for a whole entire week & come back with all this empty rhetoric?

i'm currently in the studio attemptin to write a song i never imagined myself writin or performin.
the sun is hi outside.
i'm in the most beautiful part of town way up in the hills where no tmobile phone service goes.
i could be surfin the net, chattin aimlessly with friends on instant messenger
i'm just not in the mood to be accessible to everyone recently.
once again i've done my typical thing.
i've shut out a few who i was startin to grow close to simply because somethin stopped addin up.
it didn't feel right anymore.
some new folks came along & bumped those folks outta the way.
maybe i'm just always searchin for the next best thing.
i can't seem to settle cuz i always feel like i may miss out on someone good.
my schedule doesn't really allow for a lot of multi-taskin.
uh oh.
here i go again, eh?

but i won't focus on matters of the heart today.
it's been an interestin week.
i rediscovered prince by way of dez dickerson, sheena easton, & the vanity 6 album.
geeeez. he was a friggin beast. & the king of new wave soul.
listenin to all that old stuff made it easier for me & dee-low to start our recordin process. now we know what direction we want our music to go in.
we did "mr. mister" so long ago that it's kinda silly to keep doin the same old 80s-inspired dance songs that are floodin the radio these days (please don't get it twisted, i do loooove the new lloyd song). we had to find our own twist on the whole thing. somethin that's close to our hearts & sensibilities. we're cali kids. we're sunshine, blue skies, cool waves cowabunga kids with a funk & electronic-heavy edge. the way we do our shit is unlike what all these other kids attempt to do.
but keep assumin & denyin us. just for a lil longer anyway. the shit will knock u upside ur head soon enough.

thank god the flu has finally left my body. yuck.

the next time u have a movie nite with ur loved one, snuggle up to "zardoz". brilliant sci-fi flick from 1974 with sean connery. just imagine him in short shorts & thigh hi boots for an entire flick. amazin. really.

what else did i do this week? hmmm....oh! i deejayed a pretty cool fashion event at marvimon in downtown la on friday nite. then the followin nite i got all gussied up for our signin party. such a lovely time, but now i know never to deejay my own party cuz i don't get to hang out & get drunk with my friends. sunday was a beautiful day filled with sunshine, dee-low, titty, ty g, a fuckin amazin artist from amsterdam by the name of parra, the new diamond store, & pac division.

and now
i'm sittin here talkin to u.
tryin to write this song.
wishin i had service so i could be in the "know"
it's prolly a good thing that i'm in the dark.

for now anyways.

& don't u worry.
the backlog of photos soon come.