she's gotta stop drinkin .

maybe me & amy can go to rehab 2gether.
but not till the end of the summer, of course.
it's just startin to get good!

oh new york city
thank u so much for makin J*DaVeY feel welcome.
the show an awesomely blurry mess.
loved every minute of it.

from the stage . . . .

to the interviews . . . .

to the debauchery . . . .

i've said it once & i'll say it again :
new york city does it to me EVERYtime.

not only did i get rip roarin drunk
i left my blackberry inna taxi cab
witnessed dee-low get attacked by an admirer
fell in love with a boy who's name i never asked
had a hilarious meetin in the ladies room
shook my ass like a magic city stripper in my aa mesh bodysuit (no. i don't recall this, but dee-low says it's so.)
i played air guitar to jimi hendrix
somehow made it to la guardia airport for the 8am flight home
i'm on punishment for the rest of the wknd. gotta be bright eyed & bushy tailed for my fader mag shoot w/ mr. schoolhouse. gotta get some work done. gotta let my liver rest.

will u sponsor me when i check myself into the nearest alcoholics anon group?
i sure hope u will.

new york city is off limits for a while. i go completely dumb there. gotta love it.

wanna know what i love more?
80 degree california weather. endless sunshine. i'm savin sunday for the beach.