the party train

has officially docked at the station for a while .
the recent events of my beloved LiLo* have put a lot of things in perspective for a lot of us lately
i realize that before i party myself into a major disillusion
i may wanna dip out the scene for a bit .
summer hasn't even truly begun .
why burn myself out in the pre-season ?
unless we're bein paid to attend
we will be takin some time to truly focus on work
revel in much needed qt .
i know we made this vow before
this time
we shook on it .
nothin crossed behind our backs .
lets see how long this one lasts .

for those of u who are still rollin the party train till the wheels fall off
please feel free to get extra buckwild for the two of us at the 2nd lovemade event of the summer
@ tokio bar in hollywood . . .

come get ur nails did ,
have a drank ,
make sure u come toast me at the dj booth .
i'll be sippin cranberry & pineapple juice .
hmm . . . tasty .

*footnote : LiLo = Lindsay Lohan . there will be an explanation blog very soon .