by george !

i think we've finally got it .
we've been workin on a new song since last week , & when we first cut the demo brook says : "it sounds like that love shack song" . i wasn't really feelin the song yet , so i couldn't hear it yet . since then we've laid this song out & i'm lovin it . a drummer dude comes in today , hears it & says : "it sounds like a b-52s song" . what a coinky dink , ay ? well , i hit my fave site , wikipedia , & read up on the band . i was already a big fan of "roam" & "rock lobster" , but i didn't really know what they were all abt . crazy thing is they were what we are becomin : a group whose quirky take on new wave combines dance & surf music . people are constantly askin me what our music most sounds like . brook & i have settled on "a cross between prince & the b-52s . no . we're not goin rockabilly style . we are pretty cowabunga tho . you'd know that if you downloaded our land of the lost mixtape . shameless plug . www . myspace . com / jdavey .

okay . have a lil taste :

my fave lil tidbit : In the liner notes for a greatest hits album for Parliament Funkadelic, the musicians describe the B-52's as "P-Funk for white people ."

gotta love that . maybe we can get a J*DaVeY / B-52s collab . i mean , we are label mates . . .