to all the boys who cheat on the girls they lvoe :

she may not know now
she most certainly will find out .
when will u stupid boys learn to delete the incriminatin text msgs & photos from ur cell phones & digi cams ? girls are naturally nosey . oftentimes , they don't even need a reason to be suspicious . they just are . doesn't make any sense , huh ? well , guess what ? girls are just as stupid as boys . can't live with em , can't live without em . lets just all be a little smarter . boys : don't give girls reasons to be suspicious . girls : stop bein suspicious . keep ur minds occupied with better things than insecure assumptions . when u search u will always find . what u find , however , may be somethin u weren't searchin for . catch my drift ?
good .
that is all .

next up is the "to all the girls who fuck their boyfriend's best friend" post .
argh .
grow up already .

no incriminatin photo necessary .