double dose of halloween .

i've never really been the halloween costume type , but this year i got all into it . on the saturday before halloween , me & some friends decided to hit a few house parties .

yours truly & mr schoolhouse went as cleopatra & super (not king , but super) tut . hilarious .

guy was a preggo nun . . .

grant stuffed his dick (& some tootsie rolls) inna box . . .

wait a minute . . . is that dolly parton ?

oh . it's just noa with balloons stuffed in her shirt !

we hit a party in los feliz for a bit . . .

count chocula was there . . .

the music was good so we cut a lil rug . . .

then we were off to silverlake for another random fiesta .

wow , that bottle of jack sure did get around !

awesome . . .

as if saturday night wasn't enough halloween fun for the year , wednesday came & finished the debauchery quite nicely . the standard rooftop downtown looked as if a confetti bomb had exploded . the floor was slippery from all the drinks that were spilled . the place was at capacity an hour after doors opened . one friend of mine said she stood in line for 2 hours !

huh ?

oh . it's just a priest , grace jones , & that guy with his dick inna box .

kurtmah cobain .

"go go gadget . . ."

umm . . .

daniel stesson & the greykid . . .

the best costume of the night !

that girl with the fanny pack & the jheri curl wig is in fact a white girl dressed in dark brown makeup from head to toe . talk about bein committed to a friggin costume !

i chose not to rock my cleopatra costume on wednesday night cuz d'leau & i went as "night of the livin J*DaVeY . it took us forever to peel / scrub that makeup off .

looks like a dead socket tumi got a lil action from a hot dominatrix .

i had fake blood comin outta nose for days .

creepy , huh ? well , i hope you had as much fun as i did .

*photos courtesy of grant lau aka the guy with the box on his dick*