another senseless tragedy .

i'll spare u the drunk drivin lecture . i've been guilty of it myself . i'll just say that after this incident i will not put others in danger ever again . such a selfish decision can change the course of ppl's lives forever in the blink of an eye . on thursday nite , i came across this on sunset blvd & gower as i made my way to roscoe's chicken & waffles for the 2nd time that day (don't ask) . may sam & rhiannon rest in peace .

** S W I P E from variety . com **

Young execs killed in car crash
Cassel, Meier were victims of drunk driver

Scott Rudin Prods. vice president Sam Cassel and Red Wagon Prods. vice president Rhiannon Meier were killed when their car was struck by a driver who ran a red light. Cassel and Meier, both 28, died at the scene.
Jose Luis Vargas, the driver whose car struck their Honda Civic, was arrested for driving under the influence and booked on suspicion of murder, according to the LAPD.

Cassel spent six years working for Rudin, prior to which he worked for Broder. Meier had spent a year working for producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher. Cassel and Meier were traveling home from a dinner date with friends when their car was struck at Sunset and Gower on Saturday morning at 1 a.m.

"Sam was our friend and colleague, and we loved him enormously," Rudin said. "It is impossible to get our heads around this tragedy, and our hearts go out to the families of Sam and Rhiannon."

Wick and Fisher said: "Rhiannon filled every room with her huge smile, intelligence and enthusiasm, and you could already see the bright lights in her future. We are stunned by her loss, and our hearts go out to her family and friends, for whom she is clearly irreplaceable."

LAPD's West Traffic Division detectives are handling the investigation. No details were forthcoming yet about funeral arrangements.


i can't imagine the pain that their families are feelin at this time . while they were robbed of these two innocent lives , they are not the only ones to be affected . the driver , although still alive , will be charged with 2nd degree murder . life sentence . not only does he have to live with the devestatin reality that his stupid actions caused , but his family will suffer as well . idiot . i really hope it was worth it . sam was a dear friend of a dear friend . my heart goes out to all who are affected by this tragedy .

be careful out there !