the fat lady

will soon sing .
i'll be wearin my blue dress & homemade pill box complete with the cruella veil .
my downtown show with esthero (yay !) & tyrese (huh ?) will be a recent memory . i'll be at that big beautiful house in the hills with friends & champagne (with chambord thanks to siscock) . the fat lady will sing , we'll kiss , & all hope to be brand new ppl in the mornin (or afternoon , whichever u pleasure) . i'm not the resolution type . i don't find joy in writin down promises that i may not keep . i can only be realistic & say that my resolution for every new year is to work just as hard as i play , spread love , & be happy . no restrictions or special instructions necessary . i have had an interestin year full of random good times & confusin inner turmoil . i look forward to the possibilities that 2008 holds for me . eight , as u (don't) know , is my fave number . i can only believe that all my dreams will come true . i'll be sure to keep u posted every step of the way .

here's to the end of a stressful year . may we receive a new political party in the white house & a new batch of (actually talented) stars to overexpose & the end of
streetwear & reality tv (even tho i love it so) & random acts of violence & bigotry & _________ .

the next time u see me i'll be a brand new person .
be as bad as safety allows . . .

. . . p h o t o c o u r t e s y o f v a m p t r a m p . . .