trans4m8tion .

i've been a lil outta sorts lately . learnin a lotta things i thought i already knew . seein a lotta things i'm not sure i wanted to see . forgettin a lotta things / people who deserve to be forgotten . feelin the right things . sayin the right things . bein misunderstood & lovin it .

i'm so so happy today . it's been rainin since monday , & while i'm usually warm weather dependent i'm cool with the onslaught of wetness . all is how it should be . the music is on schedule & startin to really get good . my personal life is nice & quiet for a change , which is relaxin . i'm normalizin , reinventin myself . . . again .

no jack davey photos courtesy of v a m p / t r a m p , or anyone else till the transformation is complete .

yes yes .
i love that u hate it .