it's all over .

the parties were fun .
the shows were awesome .
the vodka is comin outta my pores .
my eyeliner is smudged all over my pillows .
the balls of my feet hurt from excessively hi heels .
we did it up this year .
the hi light of my wknd was mtg perez hilton on the curb outside the wmg party
yellin , "hey jason !" at kardinal from the red carpet
gigglin with mr . nelson while bilal killed "sometimes"
gay boys galore in their underwear at our show with diesel
questo tellin sway & mtv news that we're "the ghetto eurythmics"
robert glasper tellin us how much lovin he gets to "no more"
me draggin kawai over to travis from gym class heroes to see how cute he is
seein all my philly friends
the 80 degree weather
thank god it's over cuz now i get to rest my party bones & get back to work .
oh .
just kiddin .
VEGAS babies i hope to see you at empire ballroom 2morrow .
as for u LA babies
thursday is for J*DaVeY & Sa-Ra lovers :

treat ur honey to somethin sweet & unique for valentine's day !