kinda sad .

but at the same time
how can u deny someone when they're desperate (or vulnerable) enough to beg for help ?
it's kinda indicative of how i feel abt homeless ppl . if someone has the guts to beg u for somethin they know they'll never give back that's just ballsy enough to get u a few bucks in my book . my dumb pride barely allows me to ask for what i need when i'm inna jam , so i'd prolly make a lousy homeless person . i digress . point of it all is i can't hate on the man for puttin this ad in the Variety . maybe he's at his rock bottom & in need of a fresh start . i mean , there has to be somethin he can do on television . flavor flav is still on tv aaaaand comin out with his own sitcom on mynetworktv . lord . i digress again . help out the haim . spare change , guest spots , house sittin , anything . he needs us .