the sign .

2 nights ago i gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world .

she popped into my life unnanounced .
one minute i was alone
before i knew it she was in my arms .
she didn't cry , she just looked up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes ,
then she smiled at me .
the most unbelievable feelin came over me , i wouldn't have believe she was mine if she wasn't the spittin image of my baby brother , who is the spittin image of me as a kid .
i held her so close to me ,
i felt this inner calm come over me . it was like everything in my life was perfect , like all of my inner turmoil was finally at peace .
i couldn't stop starin at her . i couldn't comprehend from where this beautiful little angel had come from .
when i breastfed her for the first time she looked up at me ,
smiled again ,
said ,
"it's so good mama" .
there was that unbelievable feelin again , somethin like a love so deep it was overwhelmin mixed with a hopefulness for things to come .

i woke up
i could still see her face .
i thought abt her all day
wondered what she was tryin to tell me . i was so moved by her that i couldn't help but cry . funny how such a beautiful vision can appear
change ur life in an instant . . .

dream interpretation books are random
abt as accurate as a daily horoscope , so i'm turnin to u .

what does my beautiful brown eyed happy baby represent ?

the first person to reply , "ur pregnant" will be promptly taken out back & shot .