h o m e s t r e t c h : day 4 . . . Mama's Back !

so, youtube is funnystyle sometimes & for some reason decided that day 3's video update went against their upload terms . it is now day 4 & we decided yesterday to move on from "Dollar or More" to finish a song we demo'd with Greg & Kara Diguardia a few months ago . it's called , "Mama's Back" & so far it's a pretty catchy tune . we decided to use the "Street Dreams" structure , basing the song around 2 parts that build up into a climax at the end of the song . so far so good . enjoy . . .

this piano work is nothing compared to what i caught earlier :

me thinks u should bookmark www.youtube.com/missjackdavey for up-to-the-minute in-session clips !