h o m e s t r e t c h : take 1 . . . the vocal booth !

so ,
a lot of people who don't have the balls to do music tend to talk a lot of trash about those who actually decide to pursue their musical dreams . typical . as a vocal expressionist i tend to do things a little different from most singers . i'm the type of person who feels confined by headphones . i don't think they're adequate in the recording process . come to find out , our producer , Greg Wells feels the same . we started off the vocal part of the session recording normally ; i was wearing headphones & sounding pitchy & self-conscious in my vocal attitude . Greg asked me how i felt singing in front of speakers minus the headphones . I've always wanted to attempt recording like that , but many producers / engineers don't understand the limitations of haeadphones . thus the reason i hate live in-ears . peep the clip , & try it for yourself . the minute we excluded the headphones the vocal recording sounded a million times better . thank god we have a great producer in the room helping us execute all of our brilliant ideas correctly .

up-to-date progress on the last few weeks of recording our warner bros record . all of you up & coming singers / songwriters / producers should find this helpful . if not , who cares , just dig into our process :)

stay tuned !