hang me out to dry .

it's not such a good idea to go hard after a long hiatus . today i understand why i stopped drinking dark liquor .
argh .
i'm functioning normally , of course , but the hint of a dull headache is kinda slowing me down. i'm chugging water in hopes that i'll be completely back to normal by the time i have to step into the vocal booth . yes . we are still in the studio . i've learned to put my impatience on the back burner in hopes of making the best music possible . i'm ignoring other ppl's urgent demands . i'll know when it's done cuz it'll be a completeness that i'll feel in my body . hopefully it will feel better than the slight nausea i currently feel in my tummy . southern comfort is not the best thursday nite accessory , but thank god for 9th Wonder . he had us dancing & grinding like we were back in 8th grade . my legs hurt . i'm all fucked up today . when i have all of my wits back i'll explain the way it feels to be driven crazy .
or maybe i won't . . .