the latest greatest .

d'leau sent me this photo that he found & i instantly got misty . nevermind my drunk face in the photo , which also features my writing partner / twin , polyester , my lovely partner in crime , brook , & my big homie reese 1 aka niki of black morris . he's been gone since november & life hasn't really been the same . pls believe that when he's back on the streets he will be killing shit . i miss him dearly .

on another note , i just heard that my darling nikki jean has been receiving death threats from neo-nazi idiots on youtube . disturbing , mostly because i can't imagine someone wanting to kill such a lovely creature , but i guess hate is a debilitating sickness that transcends true beauty & intelligence . send a little extra love her way today .

in other news , i'd like to extend my warmest congrats to ms nonameko on her marriage & bun in the oven . i've known noni since college . . . we attended calarts together back in 2000 , she in the music program & i studying film . the universe brought us back together years later & today was the first time in almost a year that we were able to connect .

as for J*DaVeY news , we are currently in the homestretch of our album's progress . the rest of april will be a whirlwind , but we're more than prepared to finally get it done . we've been taking our time to really assert who we are as artists & it seems that the hardwork is finally paying off .

as for jack davey news i am so content with life & love & everything else that i don't really have too much to say lately . . . i'm sure that will change within the next few hours . . . stay t u n e d . . . . . .