go go gadget impulse .

DC was grand .

the show was so powerful that i was on my ass after the 2nd song , like i wasn't sure if i could handle the rest of the set i was so worked up . we hit the ground running with a new song , "turn it up ! / fight the daylight" & did a stooges cover ("i wanna be ur dog") into "divisions of joy" , so the energy of those 3 songs together were like a shot of adrenaline straight to my heart . naturally , i wore the tallest shoes known to man with a short dress , & usually i'm pretty good abt not falling over . the way those songs were pounding & the way i was thrashing around i couldn't stand to embarrass myself by toppling over the edge of the stage & into the front row . removing the shoes didn't really help all too much because i was bobbling abt in a trance screaming at the top of my lungs like a maniac . by the time "no more" came about i was mid-hump on my back with one leg in the air before i realized that the girls on the side of the stage could see my underwear . the energy in the room was so frantic ; people jumping up & down like they were at a rave , people sweating & yelling & going for it . everything i could've imagine . i truly channeled jack davey that night .

the night was bound to be fun simply because of the events that preceded the set . if u have learned anything abt me from reading this rambling blog it's that i am a slave to my impulses , often making decisions & doing things without really thinking them thru first . pair me with another impulsive spirit & i do things like this :

hearts in red ink . cute .

i'm safely tucked in questo's abode in philly now .
had a long & strong night in new york city .
we danced like little maniacs .
more vodka .
clive owen look alikes .
fried chickens .
how does one manage to smear cocaine on the wall mirror ?
dreams abt the eiffle tower .
supposedly i talk in my sleep .
i should've had a bloody mary this morning .
ahhhh back to work . . . .