homesick wednesday whatever .

sigh .
i miss LA today . i'm always happy to leave home for new adventures , but when i'm gone too long i always hit days like today . days when i go thru my phone book & send i miiiisss yooooou msgs to all my aces . days that i loathe my pale summer skin & long for the beach . days that i skim thru all the LA party sites & drool over all the fun i'm missing . my family , my car , my bed , my d x s , earle's grill , roscoes , fatburger . . . shit , i even miss the smog . tomorrow i'll wake up & be fine , but on days like today i get a little beside myself with homesickness . it's natural . i'll try not to complain . the beach is where u make it , i guess , so i'm glad to be in philly building sandcastles with 2 of my fave boys . d'leaurean & ferrari make the cars that go screw . mixtape coming soon to a blog near u . maybe .

the day at the studio was productive . we started the "classic" today : questo on drums , d'leaurean on keys , glasper on piano , derek hajj on thump , & that's only so far . we also finished another song on our checklist , so i'm happy to see things actually get done . i started to lay the blueprint for the feature film (& short) with mister superstar . i only managed to eat ramen noodles today , considering the house is chock full of everything u could imagine . i finally updated my personal myspace page with new photos since sir hollywood banged on me . speaking of , he helped ease my homesickness today by sending me some unreleased eazy e & a classic ice t jam . sweetness . i'll be cruising the 'shaw in no time .

the latter part of my day was hit with a little bad news . nothing i can't handle , just bad enough to cause my mind to stir outta control a bit . now my wheels are turning faster than they were before . funny how u entrust ur child with people who are paid to know what they're doing , yet u find out that only u can raise the child the right way . no more third party frustration . i gotta take the reins on this one & let them take credit for it in the end . i guess . like matty j used to say : fuck em & feed em fishsticks . . .

like i said
tomorrow will be better .
till then
l . g . b . n . a . f !