sleep & muthaf*ckin eat .

oh shit . ohhhh shiiiit . . . . .

i woke up on the floor today . don't ask . my dream took place in a warehouse with a wall - to - wall aerobed floor . i was a dancer trying to learn an intricate routine for my debut in a broadway musical . strange . it's totally not easy to dance on an aerobed floor . anyway , brook suggested that we satisfy the early afternoon appetite at honey's sit & eat , so khari came over & we commenced to eat the most filling pancakes, stuffed french toast , eggs , coffee , oj's , latkes , blah blah blah now i'm stuffed & ready to sleep some more . yesterday was spent stuffing my face full of everything bbq related at tariq's house . seems like in addition to recording i'm also gaining weight & sleeping a grip . okay , before u get smart & ask that question , check urself , & together we can wrap our heads around the fact that i'm going thru a growth spurt . like , when my brother was just turning 13 & all he wanted to do was sleep & eat & he got all chubby then he just sprouted up like a tree . now he's 6'2" . i digress , the point is i'm finally filling out & i feel fabulous . who doesn't love to eat & sleep ? greatest combo since chocolate chip cookies & steamed vanilla soy milk .

whatever .

today is reserved for work . finish finish finish . the music is sounding hard & intense now . i don't know what's going on but i like it .

brook took these pics in saaliyah's dollhouse yesterday on our kite cam .

major .