tuesday whatever .

the fifth . it's gray outside , & therefore a perfect day for working out tedious song arrangement details . i swear , this process has no rhyme or reason , yet is all abt paying attention to small details so once a song is started it almost seems to go into a warped reality for a period of two or three days . half of time makes no sense until all of a sudden it just so happens to come together on its own . u try everything u can possibly think of ; one minute u love the way it sounds & the next minute u hate the song entirely . everyone is on edge , a million buttons have been pushed & faded , the same part of the song has been playing for hours & no one knows where to go from the bridge back to the chorus , or should we cut the verse in half & double the bridge , say fuck the bridge all together , maybe shave a few megahertz off of the kick drum , drop the snare , ramp up the backward hihat & we've got a hit ! . . . finally . argh . somehow it all gets done & it all sounds great . at least to us it does .

hey , so in addition to finishing the actual recording we're rehearsing with our band as well . khari ferrari on bass , dom angilella on guitar , joe boldachi on drums , brook on keys & programming , & i on lead vox . we're rearranging songs in true J*DaVeY fashion & adding new songs to the set , which is always fun . the show in nyc on thursday should be a blast , & supposedly there'll be drunken karaoke after the party & a friday fun trip to six flags with my darling nikki & co . in addition to working there's way too much fun being had : last night was "dark knight" at the imax theater , a jam session at silk city , late night french toast , & a special donut delivery to all the sneaker freaks sleeping on the street in anticipation of questo's new nike shoe . tomorrow night i'll be glowing in the dark at madison square garden . no sleep till . . . . .

yeah .
i love it .