blah . blah . blah .

i haven't been too fond of talking abt myself lately .
everyone is so wrapped around themselves & they're bogus achievements that it has all started to bore the shit out of me
being that i am never an exception to any rule
became bored with myself .
i'm in a period of disconnect . the internet has slowly turned into mainstream television . suits & fans alike would rather support lifeless talents rather than true stars . nobody is saying anything new
if they are they definitely aren't saying it to me .
hmm . . .
i probably should have really thought abt what i was trying to say before i started typing this .
from now on i'll simply share my random adventures through images rather than idle words .
i guess i'm searching for my next muse . i want something or someone to grab me & make me fall in love again . i want to be touched . i want to be inspired . i want to be able to talk abt myself again .
till then
i'll spend the remaining days of summer in malibu . . . when i'm not locked away in mixing sessions at larrabee studios , of course .
sigh . . .
carry on . . .