in case u missed it . . .

J*DaVeY performed LIVE on the Ellen Degeneres show on weds , aug 27 !

what an amazing experience .
in case u reeeeeaaallly missed it , i used to work for the Ellen show during the first 2 seasons . i was fresh out of college & there was no way my mother was gonna let me sit around on the couch in a graduation haze . she graciously hooked me up with some of her tv production friends , & i was lucky enough to get a job as the asst to the show's music producer . simultaneously , D'leau & i were diligently working on J*DaVeY music . i would work crazy day hours at the show practically babysitting major recording artists & then spend my entire night recording my own stuff . the lack of sleep didn't allow me to be such a great asst , & i kinda got anxious abt my own musical career because i wanted to be where our guests were ! anyway , i was let go from the show & i began to pursue music full-time . its been abt 2.5 years since i've left the show , & i've already been booked as a guest by the producer i used to assist . how surreal ! it was like a big homecoming ; all of my old co-workers were like proud parents . ellen & portia both gave me big hugs . D'leau joked that it was pretty crazy performing for so many older white ladies . my fave part was the gasp that fell over the audience when the performance door slid open . considering the fact that we rocked the daytime audience sporting a blonde mohawk , bright red lipstick , a black leather zip skirt & a leather aviator cap we still felt the performance was a little tame . can't wait to do late night shows !

we're not so sure when it will actually air on tv
we were on the show's website last week as ellen's pick of the week .