god bless america . . . almost . . .

i have yet to find the right words to express how i felt at 8pm pst last night .

all i could do was hold my chest like i was gasping for air . i was speechless . amazed . scared . near tears . all of these emotions were rushing thru me , it was unbelievable . young black ppl now have a great example of a strong , affluent black family
young black men now have a black male role model who isn't bouncing a ball , scoring a touchdown , or wielding a microphone .
change is slowly coming to america & i'm anxious to see how everything pans out .

on the other hand , i'm embarrassed by my state of residency , california , for accepting racial change , yet denouncing the right of legal marriage to gay & lesbian couples . sexism is just as sickening as racism , & i am appalled that so many people are still opposed to granting rights to every human being based on their differences in opinion & preference .

i guess we can't change the world in one night .

sigh . . .

upward .

* off to catch a matinee showing of W *