friday whatever .

it went just as fast as it came .
i mean .
two weeks ago there were snow capped mountains & frosty la afternoons , which made for a few bone chilling la nights . now , however , there's rolling green hillsides & burning hot sunshine that is only interrupted by a warm santa ana wind . i don't know whether to complain or hit the beach .
i quickly choose the latter .

i'm usually a vampire
but such lovely weather makes me long for sunlight . it's to the point that i can't sleep through the night . my dreams are heavy , thus making me restless . tossing & turning has become my forte . this morning i woke up at 615 unaware of what to do with myself . early morning yoga was just what i needed to re-center this restless energy . i'm in a state of exploration . i doubt that i'm looking for anything in particular , but i'm open to finding everything in general . idle time does not suit me well , huh ? a little withdrawn , but content nonetheless so no cause for concern .

today's agenda : me & the oktomat versus downtown . saisissez le jour !