joie de vivre !

thus far
this brand new year has been filled with
silence .
crawling under a rock is not such a bad thing to do if it's for sanity & maturity's sake . i'm wrapped around myself all the time , so perhaps i need to finally allow my thoughts to turn into action . my desire for space has now become my desire for physical change . . . no , not plastic surgery . . . rather location , personal status . i guess . just knowing that something has to change means nothing if it all stays the same . my dreams are so vivid lately , i'm seeing what i want so clearly when i'm sleeping . perhaps that's why i sleep so much . my solo adventures have got to manifest themselves or else i just may go crazy . there are things that my heart , my mind , & my psyche need . new inspiration simply . isn't it so cheesy to say , "inspiration begins with me" ? well . . . so be it !

i'm congratulating myself . patting myself on the back . applauding the choices i've made . looking forward to this year without saying too much , or expecting anything . allowing myself to be my own muse . re-exploring old passions . embarking upon new adventures . & we're only 8 days in . . .

i feel like the leading lady in a godard film .

keep ur fingers crossed
i'll keep u posted .