when insomnia becomes u . . .

. . . relax & enjoy it . put on that crazy feather headband u found at that random thrift store & ramble to whomever is willing to listen . thank god for understanding friends in nyc who just so happen to be awake at 7:53am . remind me sometime soon to give u the low down on some of the amazing ppl i know . . . it's often hard for me to accept the unspoken blessings that ppl are constantly giving me . . . insecurity is a sickening thing that we all seem to possess at odd times , often for no real reason at all . one part of humanity that i hate . hmm . scratch that *currently disallowing myself to embrace anything negative*

sigh . i have so much to learn .

my dreams are becoming too much for my subconscious . perhaps they're starting to take over my life . lately i've been feeling like i'm under the influence of some powerful hallucinogen . . . like i'm channeling the psychedelic indian . maybe there was a mickey in my drink . some new orleans voodoo . the stars are wide open right now she says , so clairvoyance is at it's height . keep ur eyes open lady the msg said . good things come in threes , yeah ? in the past three weeks three unsuspecting ppl have pulled my card . . . have hit my nail on the head . some mystical force is trying to tell me something , it's forcing me out of my sleep & causing my mind to race . even when i'm awake i feel like i'm still dreaming . guided by the universe . it's bigger than me . who am i to deny it ?

wtf am i talking abt ??

relax & enjoy it , i hear the healer saying .

believe me , i'm trying . attempting to completely tune in . entering at my own risk . abandon all hope who enter here .

i can only laugh at myself , i'm so delirious . having the time of my life . it is now time to get trippy .

let the g(sp)oo(ky)d times roll .