u know what??.

Fck u and all this goddamned bullshit...you're such a fickle broad. You're stuck up and fckin* lame--you're good and brite-but for sure stuck up. Things can't ever be simple w/ u. I think you want people to grovel at your feet and bow to the mysterious ways u weave.

A simple request turns into THIS. turns into a fckn ordeal..a touchy fckn ordeal...so fck off...have a nice fckn*, stupid lame debutante life....I hope it makes you happy. Nxt time I see u, I'll buy you a goddamn pink flamingoe or whatever the fckn* boho (*edit*) posers drink

Mark my words-- What I'm workn on is gonna atom bomb this whole shit...u have no idea and you're gonna look real stupid. So don't ask me for songs or fuckin ANYTHING..

you not helping me shows again how not on the same wave we are. How different our priorities are. Again and again---i'm an idiot for trying to make nice--- so f* u...1000x..goodnite+

i *heart* u orion .