in due time .

a friend called me to say that we can no longer talk or see each other .
he didn't even call . he sent the news via text :

i saw my spiritual advisor today & he revealed that my energy is failing so i'm shutting my phones down & taking a communication break from the world . . . in due time i will explain , but ur such an amazing force in my life & . . .

blah blah blah .

we were each other's energy jumper cables . i was there for him & he was there for me in a way that transcended the confines of the world . a platonic union that we both depended on in our darkest hours . there was an intuitive nature between us . . . we could sit across from each other & feel each other's energies without touching or saying a word . . . reassuring one another that everything will be fine . in due time . now we're abruptly disconnected . if i'm not the immediate problem why are u shutting me out ? i'm left to wonder if i was an energy drain . if perhaps i was the problem .

scratch that .

i can't be held responsible for anyone else's problems . i can only be there for those who are willing to accept my blessings . i wish him well . hopefully he'll read this & snap out of it . . . realize that i'm attempting to understand & that i'll always be here for him . if he wants me to be .

wow .
it must be something in the stars
cuz lately
ppl are being way too strange .

i almost feel normal . . .