no fun twenty-one .

i've been in my bed for the past two days .
sleeping mostly . contemplating & creating ideas in my head .
not melancholy , just hoarse & completely drained .
enduring the most colorful dreams & having recurring outer body experiences .
drinking water & eating tons of fruit .
in my bed . wondering that perhaps when i die i'd like to come back as a normal person .
one who has no real passion for life . one who is content with living a limited existence .
one who isn't so riddled by creative confusion . one who honors a routine . one who believes she knows the meaning of clarity .
one who's just like everyone else .

but the psychedelic indian asks , "what fucking fun would that be , doll ?"

in the words of iggy stooge , no fuuuun . my babe , no fun .

*photo by hedi slimane*