J*DaVeY in AMS : live @ Paradiso !

we were supposed to get to amsterdam early in the afternoon on the 9th , & we were so excited to spend the day in the coffeeshops . we've been to ams before , but each time we were only there for what seemed like 30 minutes , so we never had time to really sit & take in the city . there must be something in the universe that does not want us to enjoy that place , because we missed our flight out of london & did not get to amsterdam until 10pm . just enough time to soundcheck , change , & hit the stage . we left early the next morning for switzerland . argh . the show was fun tho . . . tons of ravers who had to put their glowsticks away mid-house to listen to our set . they tried to boo us on the 2nd song , but then after listening & realizing that we're actually quite good they fell in love with us . the power of true talent always prevails . ppl just have to be willing to listen . . .

photos courtesy of moses mitchell .