black magic woman .

i've been manifesting some amazing things lately . tapping into some otherworldly energies . accepting the fact that i have the power to predict certain events & make certain things happen .

3 weeks ago i had the fish dream . a week later i found out that one of my friends is pregnant .

the other day , i woke up & some strange , apocalyptic energy wrapped itself around me . i kept saying that i could feel an earthquake on the horizon . hours later the ground shook .

yesterday , it was so overcast while we were onstage at an outdoor festival & i wanted the sun to shine , so i performed a trippy psychedelic indian dance & the clouds opened up . the sun beamed down upon me just as dj kiilu grand dropped "hi sun" . it was jim smiling down on me , giving me a sign of approval , letting me know that i'm on the right path toward enlightenment .

i've been hallucinating a lot . having outer body experiences . wild dreams . hearing sounds & seeing visions that nobody else can see or hear . maybe it's just the psychedelic drugs .

i'm connecting . finally . this is what happiness feels like . i guess .

photo courtesy of the lovely muhsinah :)