"Get Together" // the video , the message . . .

Directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Veronica Hinds, the video takes viewers on a journey of transcendence as the main characters are lured away from their everyday lives by a floating orb of light that leads them to the entrance of the unknown. When asked about the main concept behind the video Jack Davey explains, "I kept seeing a processional march down a hallway... and wanted to convey the main characters following their light to a meeting place." This concept was adopted to convey the main message behind the song; transcendence - breaking free of the confines of the everyday to experience a life without boundaries. "People need to step out of their individual bubbles and start connecting with other people" says Jack Davey. "Step outside of your comfort zone and feel something new, try something new, speak to someone new, transcend."

courtesy of the great folks at Audible Treats .