completely naked .

i'm on a spiritual journey & it's unlike any other road i've ever traveled . lately i'm realizing a lot of things abt myself that need fine tuning . i want to have healthy relationships . . . i want to be inspired . . . i want to freely explore the inner workings of this crazy mind of mine . i'm trying new things that i never considered . . . borderline starting over , hurting feelings , being selfish (& learning how to not feel guilty abt my selfishness as it is a means of learning how to be more selfless) , listening & not speaking , stepping outside of my comfort zone , being completely honest . meditating . mastering this unknown road on my own & figuring out why it's so important for me to maintain my singularity . . . stripping myself to the core .

nothing makes sense right now . i don't know how to share everything that is happening inside of me without sounding cliche . it's not that big of a deal , rather something we all strive for . self-awareness . or some sort of self-awareness , as we are never fully complete since life is a neverending journey , but . . . here i go , finally putting the work & study into what i think will be a spiritual awakening for my amazingly complicated soul . no cutting corners , no excuses . wish me luck .

first things first , i have given up one vice that continually (& unintentionally) leads me down the wrong path . the one thing that drives my creativity & songwriting . . . the one thing that oozes from my pores subconsciously . dare i say it aloud , or is it obvious ?

bottom line : i will meditate throughout the day to keep me from missing this . 21 days to break a habit , ay ? well , i've far surpassed that . lets see how much farther i can get . . .