i fell in love tonight . . .

. . . & i have the new "sex in the city" movie to thank for that .
i was never a fan of the tv show .
i mean , i watched from time to time simply to see what carrie was wearing
that was the extent of my enjoyment .
pls believe me when i say i was amazed . . .
by the plot AND the fashion alike .
don't sleep !

yes .
i do plan on seeing it again .


J*DaVeY does DC !


Saturday Standard !

hope to see u there . . .


ummm . . . .

Mascot Prince with H.C. Coming To L.A. Club
Posted on May 20, 2008 by drfunkenberry

This Just In!

Prince Dressed in yellow & black, (in honor of his new “H.C.” mascot status) has been following the Honey Collective around like a groupie.

He may attend Goa sometime Tuesday night with a few members of his band. They have been in town rehearsing for a book release party to be held outdoors at his newly acquired Beverly Hills crib (More on that later.)

What’s the allure of the Honey Collective? Where does one start…

Even tho there is no designated leader of the group, it seems to evolve around core members: DJ Rashida, Monica, Shelley, DJ Eque and a bevvy of other beautiful female musicians, dancers and poets which include but are not limited to: Bria Valente, Jack of J Davey, (yes, a ferocious female) Esthero, Gabriela the spy, Ruth Arzate, an amazing dancer who goes by 1 letter: V, and Sanaa Hamri, the director.

Now get this: To qualify as one of the members, all women must take a lie detector test to determine the following:

1. That they have to be celibate for at least 3 years.

2. That they are free from all contracts and agree to remain that way forever.

3. That they have a LOVE for real music and will not rest until the city of Los Angeles is the nucleus of the NEW WORLD ORDER of FUNK!

Sounds like our kinda ladies, tho-not so sure bout that vow of celibacy!

Stay tuned, this is gonna be funky.-Dr.FB

. . . interesting . who knew ? i didn't . till now at least :)


G . O . A . T

. . . here's to hoping i look this fit at age 38 !

the monster vs the martyr .

the monster who created this mayhem has been called upon to write a memoir , so this is the first chapter , rather a droning prelude to the genesis of what will become a cluster fuck of a million random urges . . . yes . i am a writer first & foremost , as if you didn't already know that . i have been perfecting this craft since day zero , & the fruits of my written labor will live on long after the monster has dissolved itself into obscurity . yes . i am often quite disturbed , & the current temperature has my blood boiling with dangerous creativity . what better place to display this monster than here ? yes . this is a pointless exercise to engage myself in dialogue with this monster that i have forced upon you , & myself . consider this my way of separating the two entities . or am i attempting to understand who , in fact , i would like to be ? so long for merging the two . one has to live without the other , or the lines become blurred not only to the voyeur but to the creator as well .

i have already managed to confuse myself & the monster alike .
this is going to be quite interesting .

i haven't had much to say about myself lately , & maybe that's a good thing . that "off" switch finally embedded itself into my brain ; that little meter that goes from blue to red depending upon the level of rage , & in the event of a meltdown or some poor decision flips the script & tells my impulse to "calm down" . the meter settles in the middle of blue & red & i am no longer "on" , rather thrown into neutral & dare i say , balanced . in my case , there really hasn't been a middle ground . i'm always hot or cold , majorly raging or not so much . always wondering wtf i'm talking / thinking about . always battling with myself . agonizing over how i've made another person feel . beating myself up about things i simply can't (& don't want to) control . asking myself way too many questions , & never answering myself because that would be schizo . poor decisions , impulsive reactions , lack of discipline , too many mixed emotions , hormones all over the place , "why do i care ?" , i wish i didn't care so much , "fuck it ! i refuse to care" , criticized for saying that , damned if i do , damned if i don't , won't , blah blah blah we've been here before . this monster i have created attempts to overtake the martyr (dare i use that word) my parents mistakenly conceived . yes . i am part real , part fiction ; a prophet & a pusher , a walking contradiction . introductions are futile if you are unclear as to how you want to introduce yourself . if you have nothing nice to say then please don't say it at all . if any of this makes sense , which i'm sure none of it does , please keep reading . if not , feel free to forget you ever met me . continue on with your sanity & leave me to my own devices , which in this case is a big tin can of rockstar . come back in a year or two when the monster has completely consumed the martyr (dare i use that word yet again) & read the first chapter of this memoir with a new set of eyes . eyes that do not nor will not judge . eyes that will not tear into the deepest part of me with questions & bewilderment . eyes that know real from fake , sarcasm from honesty . eyes that no longer care to know what they see as long as they can see it .

i'm sure by now no one is reading this .
just know that i , the monster & the martyr (dare me to stop using such a powerful word !) are not here to sell dreams . rather , allow m & m to tickle your fancy & portray a technicoloric (yes , i , rather the monster , made that up) dreamscape that will transcend the basic principles of good versus evil . this is a game . you are my specimen . boredom is a helluva drug . . . . .


L O V E .

mj is way more fierce than u .


J*DaVeY invades Garth Trinidad's "Chocolate City" 2nite (sat, may 17) !

tune in to kcrw (89.9) or kcrw.com
6-9pm pst
maybe u can win tix to the upcoming J*D show in Los Angeles . . .


LA : weds , May 21 !

go to w w w . t i c k e t m a s t e r . c o m NOW to buy tix
bring money for J*DaVeY merch . . . . yes . J*DaVeY merchandise will be available so plug in !


the Black Morris bizarre p r e s e n t s . . . .

it's thursday . the wknd is approaching . why not download a new mix for your low-low ?

the Black Morris bizarre p r e s e n t s
the return of Reese One of Bleu Collar .
aka Niki of Black Morris .
aka Killa Reese .
aka fresh out & back on the scene with some psychedelic west coast gangster swag .

HIM 1979 volume 1
courtesy of Reese One .
Mixed by DJ Turk .

an in-depth Reese One interview is on the way , as is the official EP courtesy of i L L a V 8 r . in the meantime , get to know HIM .

aaaah , listening to this mix makes me think of summertime cruising down crenshaw . good ol days !


fuck wutcho mama say . . .

we hoooood ,
we votin
th'owin it uuuuuup !

(t a z i s s o a r n o l d)