Friday's Faves pt deux : the i L L a V 8 r edition .

get ur hot sixteens ready :

I made this music playlist at MyFlashFetish.com.

"untitled eight" . courtesy of brook d'leau & the "DayNight 2001" album . u r very welcome .

the return of Friday's Faves . . .

ahhh . i came across this & had to bring back an old tradition . how cute are u , becks ? do u even know ? of course u do .


"i'm stoned , maaan" .

me too , mr suuupear kewl .
me too .
we love our jobs .

p h o t o b y v a m p t r a m p .

welcome back .

she's been gone for way too long & i'm so happy to have her back in the streets of los angeles . do right by urself this time , lindz . i'm rootin for ya . & if you're really broke & in need of money , i'll donate to the cause by takin those boots off ur hands . fierce .

"god is a terrorist"

my dad said that to me yesterday . i think he's right . everything is burnin , includin the shore . there's a thicker haze in the air than usual , & it's hard to breathe . it's so hot & humid you'd think we were in atlanta in the middle of august . the sun is a bright red , like it's bleedin from severe pain . the moon last night had a bright orange tint . i'm sure you've seen the news clips & if u haven't , don't bother . it's simply depressin to watch the end of the world on tv . funny how fast fema reacts when expensive real estate & half a million white people are affected . i think my dad was right .

first the flood
now the fire .

apocalypse much ?


to all the boys who cheat on the girls they lvoe :

she may not know now
she most certainly will find out .
when will u stupid boys learn to delete the incriminatin text msgs & photos from ur cell phones & digi cams ? girls are naturally nosey . oftentimes , they don't even need a reason to be suspicious . they just are . doesn't make any sense , huh ? well , guess what ? girls are just as stupid as boys . can't live with em , can't live without em . lets just all be a little smarter . boys : don't give girls reasons to be suspicious . girls : stop bein suspicious . keep ur minds occupied with better things than insecure assumptions . when u search u will always find . what u find , however , may be somethin u weren't searchin for . catch my drift ?
good .
that is all .

next up is the "to all the girls who fuck their boyfriend's best friend" post .
argh .
grow up already .

no incriminatin photo necessary .


heads up flossangeles :

amoeba music in hollywood now carries J*DaVeY's "the beauty in distortion / the land of the lost EPisode" double disc . feel free to pick it up . thank u . come again .

come trick for a treat .

costume ball @ the standard rooftop downtown .
wed , halloween nite (oct 31) . 9p-2a . 21+ .

live sets by :
the GrayKid
Daniel Stesson
gun metal gray

dj sets by :
sean patrick (the bystanders)
future paris (firecracker)
rockwell (sk-87)
group e (bar lubitsch)

costumed portraits by jiro photography . live screen printing by hit+run . free admission with costume .


one year later .

well well well .

it has already been a year . we have shared twelve long months together , & as i take a look back at all the rants & raves i become rather disappointed in myself . while one would love to look back on their year & see change in the right direction i look back & feel as though i have regressed . there were so many things i set out to accomplish with this blog & i'm not so sure i've done it . mainly i wanted to establish a candid dialog with myself , one that didn't hide behind walls ; one that didn't find shelter in dimly lit corners . i wanted to look back at the end of the year & find myself completely open . instead , i find myself searchin for privacy . instead of makin an effort to open myself i now feel as though i have become more closed . maybe it's because there is too much harm in bein completely open & honest about who i am . or maybe i became infatuated with the belief that u don't want who i truly am , rather who u think me to be . let me say that this blog has not been an open letter to my friends & those who closely know me . this blog was an effort to clear my clouded mind . when i started this thing i was in a state of mental & emotional turmoil & i needed release . i assumed that spillin my guts would help me to remain sane . for a while the mayhem did just that , & then somehow , somewhere , i lost sight & unfortunately became quite random . i put a mask over my real feelings & forced out random rhetoric because somewhere , somehow , along the line i lost track of who i am as well as who i am tryin to be . i remain elusive so i don't have to figure it out . i straddle the fence because i'm often too afraid to lose & more afraid to choose . i'm not afraid to admit that i am a beautiful mess in need of some figurin out . i have to realize that maybe i don't have all the things i want right now because i am not in the right place to receive such victory . am i guilty of self-sabotage ? perhaps . am i simply a fool for livin from day to day like tomorrow will never come ? too much of a dreamer , they say . waitin for my life to start . wishin somethin would happen , like a sign to let me know that i just need to take a deep breath & shut up . my chaotic mind knows no rest . even when i'm asleep my wheels are turnin . i guess i'm just still in the "quarter life crisis" rotation . second guessin myself & everyone else .

snap out of it , jack davey . hang on to urself .

i'm just inna funk today . there's so much to be done & never enough money to do it . i was naive when i thought bein signed would make music makin a lot easier . if anything , labels make creativity harder , thus we're forced to move on our own . this whole process would be so much more efficient if a&r guys were actually smart instead of overpaid talent scouts who really want to be hollywood socialites . thank god me & my partner had the good sense to record two records on our own before even gettin signed . ahhhh , the things we are able to do independently while signed are truly amazin . whatever . the force that is the J*DaVeYNaVy will soon be with all of u .

for lack of anything better to say i now declare a "happy first birthday ! " to this blog . i promise to change for the better this time around .


all that's left : a photo essay .

on tuesday , october 9 , an electrical fire started in a home studio & left the occupants of 2250 tracy terrace with nothin but their lives . those occupants were none other than kutmah fresh (dj / beatmaker extraordinaire) & my love , brandon schoolhouse (han cholo) .

where it all started . the home studio .

this room used to be filled with classic toys & music memoriabilia , a great vinyl collection that included rare vinyl test pressings , & various instruments .

the drumset was here before it disentegrated . this cage used to house an old roommate's boyfriend . don't ask .

(what used to be) the back room . . .

the livin room .

r . i . p fish . brandon truly adored u . . .

bathroom . . .

kutmah's room housed his livelihood . he's a dj that actually still spins vinyl . his entire collection . . .

. . . his tables , mixer , & mpc . . .

i have only spent the last 8 months in that house as opposed to brandon's 13 years , but i loved bein there . for some reason i was not there the mornin of the fire by sheer coincidence . had i have been there would be two imprints in this bed :

hours after the blaze we went back to retrieve what we could , namely his grandma's jewelry collection , salvageable photos & keep sakes , & his toys :

thank god these are made of metal . . .

. . . cuz if they weren't they would be lyin in this melted pile on the curb :

dark hearts would have band practice in the studio on monday & thursday nites . october 8 was the last practice , & the infamous ghost that lurked in the house made an appearance . brandon saw it standin in front of the amp that was plugged into the faulty electrical socket that started the fire . paris could feel the ghost pushin his head down in the direction of the amp while he played drums . george couldn't play bass in his usual spot cuz he felt somethin crowdin his space . omen , perhaps ?

my heart is so heavy . i cried nonstop for 2 days . i admire brandon for bein so strong in light of this horrific experience . he realizes that this is simply a new beginnin . it's just crazy . . . it's easy to take for granted what could be here today & gone tomorrow . brandon & kutmah alike are loved by so many people , & it's really beautiful to see everyone come together to help them thru this period . many benefits are bein planned this month , the first of which will be held 2morrow (sunday) at the do over party . if u are in the LA area & would like to attend we will be at crane's tavern in hollywood (el centro btw hollywood blvd & selma) all afternoon . stay tuned for another event at the end of the month . . .

. . . oh . also , make sure to put fresh batteries in ur smoke detectors asap & if u don't have renter's insurance u should look into getting some .

we're sad to see the clubhouse go . now , it's just a boarded up house of melted memories .

cheers . . . to new beginnings .

(photos courtesy of yours truly )


snail yo mail .

yes babies .
they are in the mail .
the real mail . not the electronic one .
brook even hand-wrote the addresses on the envelopes himself .
takin it back to the old school
cuz ima old fool
who's so cool . . .

for those of u who missed the first batch , the 2nd (& even better !) installment is comin soon
tuned !