she's a cat-burglar.

by default.

she comes complete with the all black outfit.
the belt of gold chains.
the hood to hide her cut.
she scales walls. slips in. slides out with hearts that don't really belong to her.
she loves em & leaves em runnin back to their girls with their tails between their legs.

she didn't sign up for this job.
she inherited it against her wishes.
this is the monster *u've* made.

this is the warnin.
to all
please be weary of the slim lil thang that creeps thru the nite
like a thief in the temple.
me thinks she spies with her chinky eye the next lovely vic.

creepy, eh?

the cryptic humor of this post may go unnoticed
please take my advice
shrug it off with a hearty "hahaha!"


oh yeah...
get ready for me 1nce again nyc.
details comin soon :)


thank god !

it's friday. yes yes, the weekend. not like i didn't already start my weekend last nite. uh huh. blurries galore. why u may ask? because i'm infatuated with mystery. i like to keep u guessin. if i give too much u may just hit me & quit me. my heart can't handle the rejection. c'mon. lets kiss.
not so blurry, eh?
no worries. such passion simply twas the effect of too much free alcohol, great friends, & a really fun dancefloor.
and no mom
he's not a white boy.
but benny bad news is. add camille (aka pookie) to the mix & it's a jolly good time complete with long tongues & my classic mean mug.
there were tacos involved.

since next week is reserved for recordin i gotta get it in tough this weekend. people to catch up with, dancefloors to cut, outfits to show off, hands to shake, photos to take, babies & boys to kiss...u know. the usual.

me & the ex attempted to be genuine & talk like friends.
it was harder for him than it was for me.
we're getting there. funny tho...i've always wanted to know that i affected him. don't know why that matters.

i contemplated all the work i'm in the midst of finishing
ways to make more money. sometimes i just wanna marry rich
i have too much integrity for that.
& if i get married that means i have to stop chasin boys.

speakin of
why oh why do i keep fallin for libras?
i swear they're too wishy-washy for me, but on the flipside they're my perfect match.
crazy, right?

aren't u sick of hearin about my matters of the heart?

oh well. you'll get over it.

hey, los angeles folks if ur not doin anything 2morrow nite feel free to come to the echo for the soundlessons j dilla tribute. i'll be there & lotsa fun other folks will be there too.
& bring a cute friend.


in the air tonight.

i can feel it comin.
and this time
i won't fight it.

i'm trapped in the neon lights again.
the future flashin before my eyes
makin it impossible for my mind to stop racin.
i'm wide awake
thinkin about the possibilities of it all
i just can't stop smilin.

thank god the wine bottle is still half full.

in this time of boredom i realized one thing:
the kid forever stays in the picture thanks to google images.
now i long for summer....

other things.



he says:

"i see u around everywhere. stop followin me. everytime i turn around...ur name, ur face, this boy, that boy. it's like, i'm forced to look at you even when i don't wanna.."

stop lookin.

ha. now u know how it feels.


did u miss me???...

cuz i missed u.
really & truly.
but during our time apart i managed to rack up lotsa fun stories & blurries to share.

since new york city
i have graced chicago, los angeles (duh), & las vegas with my presence.
i must say that i love my life.
it took me a while to look in the mirror & truly love the person lookin back at me
but now
i feel like i've tapped into some super charm that has lain dormant for so long.
cuz my daily tarot (& u know i never listen to my daily tarot) keeps tellin me how magnetic i could be if & when i decide to recognize the effect of my natural charm.

me thinks i've finally decided to recognize it.
blame it on the leo ego
i am kinda feelin myself these days.

people tend to think that i'm jack davey all the time....
this bold, sassy, sexy, goodtime girl with no insecurities & this badass attitude
when in actuality
i'm an atypical leo with a cancer rising & a pisces moon.
my fire is surrounded by water.
i'm a sap by nature
for me to hit this point of undeniable charm is kinda new for me.
i'm not gettin out of control with it
i am enjoyin it.

wanna see how much?...lets start with chicago.

snow on the ground.
freezin wind.
cool kids.
an amazin show
an even more amazin (& drunken) after-party with dee-low, my fave lil thundercat, and one half of kidz in the hall amongst a few others.
too much hennessy
red wine
free beer
green stuff.
then, 11am rolled around & it was time to jet set back home
to flossangeles for the
J*DaVeY hosted/FUSICOLOGY sponsored J Dilla tribute...

first of all
thanks to all of the J*DBabies that came out cuz they thought we were performin.
sorry to disappoint u this time
the nite was a total blast!
dj house shoes was there
so was matty j
my man aloe blacc
producer/director extradordinaire griffin marcus
my beautiful parents
the best stylist ever, ms. jazzy benjamin even brought a date
tick & mr. honey honey posed with my mama
& then i swooped by loyola hi school to pick up my lil bro & we caravaned to the 10th annual friends & family grammy party at henson studios till the wee hours of the morn.

ahhh...grammy weekend.
so many parties
so lil time.
somehow, in the midst of rockin a session with steve bays of hot hot heat, i found time to hit yet another dilla event & (of course) the best jam session ever! ms. anita baker killed it for nostalgia's sake
i got to catch up with the lovely nikki jean
black thought kept the crowd movin
after way too much fun (& drinks) we made our way east on a rainy sunset blvd & realized that we better sober up or else we could end up like this...

the next few days were pretty lazy
then came sin city.

those are poprocks courtesy of my boy basik cuz he knows i love corny gifts & this fly guy promised to gimme $20 if i snorted a perfect poprock line.
delirious at the magic trade show?
did i walk away with the $20?
of course not!...i'm not THAT crazy.

oh, las vegas how i love u for short periods of time.
i had never attended the magic show out there, but jazzy benjamin suggested we take a roadtrip & drool over fashion for a few days. how could i say no?? i heart fashion & las vegas is just rowdy enough for me.
we hit the town & painted it a few different colors with hvw8 ty g
my future ex-hubby mel d. cole
the future father of my blindian kids, sir han cholo
the lovely ladies of love-made
my main man dizzy
(for the 2nd time inna week) the legendary roots crew
a lil cutie pie named anthony
some horrible strippers
the rest truly is a blur.

now it's back to work.
gotta finish the mixtape, man.
no sleep till i finish...
maybe lite sleep.
but no more parties
no more photos, okay?

unless they're blurries.....

oh yeah...happy belated v-day :)


new york city is blurry.

or maybe it's just my photos of the recent new york city trip.
or it could just be all the champagne
it's prolly that.
but if u know anything u know that, "blurries are kinda sexy".
and guess what? penthouse parties are even sexier.

ahhhh me matey
the weekend was a dream come true.

i've always dreamed of sittin front row at a major fashion week show. people speakin french. papparazi snappin flicks. shwag. models. beautiful hotel suites with cash & gold on the nightstands. fancy dinner parties with french fashionistes. me & mabel. kristy's impromptu photoshoot. bundled up on the subway. ruffles. and the most beautiful display of post neo hip-hop negois bourgeosie love(lol). fashion agent & fashion designer extraordinaire. the effects of too much wine & champagne. vintage boots & lacoste. big watches & my brave lil tattoo. mean muggin with doc at a swanky hotel. reunited and it feels so good.

and now
back to 80 degree reality.
not for long.
get ready chicago.

this post is random & all over the place
what more did u expect from me?


"i'm on my new york shiiiit..."

hat to the back
with my new york shit.
razor in my mouth
on some new york shit.

not yet, but the cross country journey begins early 2morrow mornin.
am i excited?
like, totally.
are we performin?
like, totally not.
am i amped to leave beautiful cali weather for the frosty nyc winter?
like, hell no.
i get to live out one of my life long fantasies & attend a fashion week runway show
i get to stay in THE swankiest hotel
go to parties
& be fabulous.

am i braggin?
just a tad.
i'm just so excited cuz me & dee-low are in need of a vaycay...
even if there'll be no sun involved.

while that all sounds lovely
i have to shmooz a major fashion line to choose me for their upcomin campaign
i have to somehow find time to tie up a few loose ends.


the last time i was in new york it was hot & steamy outside.
i was "in love" & blonde & imaginin a life that i wasn't so sure of.
went along with it anyway.
turned 25.
and everything changed.
so now
all these months later
i'm comin back to face a few emotions that have lain dormant since those hot & humid summer days.
not my emotions
i've already come to grips with how i feel about it all
someone else's.

if time allows that is.

beyond that
i always seem to get myself into some healthy trouble when i'm in the apple.
i mean
the boys are..
and the parties like
never end.
there's always endless amounts of hot boys at these endless parties
these days
i'm (tryin to be) a more controlled young lady
& honestly
i already have a new crush on a certain someone
(as usual) he's so not into me.
hence the reason why i'm so into him.
wtf is that about?
u always want the one u can't have, eh?

fuck u cupid.

speakin of
v-day is quickly approachin
although i'm happily single
i am very excited to see all of the cute couples parade their love in the streets.
more importantly
i'm psyched about v-day because i have not one date
their names are belvedere & olive juice
cuz in my world
the "v" in v-day stands for vodka.
dirty martinis baby. exxxxtra dirty.
in the words of jerry maguire
"who's comin with me??"

wait, no...
u can't come with me cuz i already have 2 dates
anymore company would be a lil gang-bangish.

second post in one day?
am i goin crazy??

a lil.
i attribute it to the stiff cocktail that dee-low has me sippin right now.
i am sooooo tempted to post some photos
that doesn't really go over well with the muses.

speakin of muses
do u remember previous posts about "dream boy"?
the one that i could never seem to escape cuz everytime i turned on my tv/radio he was there?
i coulda sworn i told him that i'll never date another musician
he just didn't wanna listen.
even funnier how i'm leavin him hangin
like i said earlier
i have a new crush to win over.

here we go again...

oh! enjoy the flick
taken at my bday party in nyc aug 2006.
hey che, brain, & deephunk :)

hi five !

last nite was a blast.
my lips are sealed...
till later anyway.

but before i go...
what's up with all these boys tellin me:
"these pics better not end up in your blog!"
everytime my camera comes out?
stop foolin urself, boy.
u know u want me to (em)bed u...