dear Hype :

you've still got it .

heart ,
m j d .


Brook D'Leau es suupear Kewl !

peep his interview with Rest In Beats . . .

tasty tasty .

i gotta go to portugal* !

*edit : yes georgie, he is in fact from portugal . thx !

consistently fierce .

crazy bitch .

mr timberlake , is that you ? ?

i say goddamn .

g i m m e .

the versace lamborghini murcielago .
i'd look good in this . . .

r e u n i o n .

it's been 5 years since i graduated from sarah lawrence college , so me & my school friends decided to meet on campus for the alumni reunion . i was only able to go for one night , but fun was had by all .

the memories . . .

the monster on "the first time" .

my first time wasn’t really the first , but i didn’t tell him that .
his bottom bunk bed held a familiarity to my girlhood that i couldn’t quite place , yet all the while it was making me even more uncomfortable than i already was . yes . i had finally reached the day that most of my friends , unbeknownst to me , had already reached . yes . i was afraid at the prospect of pain equaling what my one ace described as “shoving both fists in one’s mouth fast & repeatedly” . eek . i gotta get this over with , i thought , so that day i did on the bottom bunk of his room . i brought it up to his dismay ; we were simply friends who got together some afternoons to do nothing & here i am asking him to “help me get it over with” . like any normal seventeen year old boy of course he much obliged .
yes .
shoving my fists in my mouth is a mild, yet fair comparison especially when u consider i sat down on it on the count of 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . ouch . & while i was afraid to really move after such an abrupt pelvic catastrophe i did manage to let my mind wonder other more important things : what do i say when it’s done ? . . . i coulda had a v8 . . . why does he have a bunk bed in his room at this age ? . . . important matters indeed . then the boredom set in . 5 whole minutes of “what just happened ?” , & less than 10 minutes later i was on my way home . i couldn’t stop thinking about the bunk bed , asking myself why it seemed so familiar to me . i never really fancied the bottom bunk , but who does ? was it really abt the bunk bed or the old school g . i . joe sleeping bag comforter ? like really , how old are u anyway ? what did i just do ? i’m such a monster .
i let the bunk bed anomaly rest after 3 weeks when i met someone with a regular bed & more finesse . yes . he turned those pelvic catastrophes into volcanic eruptions . he taught me all abt the dance that occurs between two bodies . he lied to me . he cheated on me . he gave me heartaches , body pains , unwanted growing tummies , & a promise to walk the talk . ha . thank god i’m smart enough to know better . after him came real love , or so i thought . then came the one after anothers . the i don’t know what you’ve done to me but i love yous . the gimme gimmes . the ur not doing enoughs . the long depressing email writers . the who knews ? the what ifs ? the i thought u were but u arents . so forth , so on . falling out just as fast as i fall in . the heart breaker . the trouser snake . the what are u really looking for ?
who ? if anybody at all .
i’m not averse to falling . when i do i fall hard & i never seem to land on my feet . is that not the point ? to experience & go thru the motions until u make a (seemingly) perfect match ? honesty being key , is it unfair to hurt another for the sake of ur own emotional sanity ? is anything unfair ? if it’s based on how one truly feels can it ever be wrong ?
monster .
i’m wild enough on my own . i’m always searching for the one thing that can completely reel me in . i want to be protected . perhaps i want to be tamed . or maybe . . .
oh .
g . i . joe sleeping bag . friday night sleepovers at auntie’s house with videos & all the junk food we were never allowed to have at my house . the video would start , the lights would go out , & then it was just us two . he bigger than i & scary to me at that age , he did as he pleased . i felt sorry for him , knowing that there was something deeply disturbed abt him that would only grow deeper as he got older . i , for once in my monstrous life , became a martyr . never saying a word . never holding it against him . never internalizing his sickness or using it as a tool to aid in my own insecurities .
so yes .
my first time really wasn’t my first time .
guess i just told him .


the infamous costume change .

s.o.b 's was pretty major , man .

supreeeeeme , yeah . . .

hilar .

he's smilin up at us .

g i m m e .

yeah . add this to my list . . .
like , major man .

Screamin Demons .

get into the Screamers !

r e f r e s h .

yes .
i feel much better today .
my humanity sometimes gets the best of me
i blow my top .
i realize that i can no longer neglect the importance of this conversation between the martyr & the monster .
i am now on a daily schedule
bear with me . . .

a h e m .

this is NOT the same release u have in bootleg form .
this is NOT the same release we had for short sale on our myspace site .
this is NOT the same release that FADER mag put out mixed by DJ Lindsey .
this is the OFFICIAL .
the ONE & ONLY .
spread the word !


r a n d o m l y s p e a k i n g .

i can only define myself by these moments...
the ones when I'm barely aware of who & what I turly want to be . . .
those moments when everything I've known for so long begin to speak to me in a voice so loudly that I can only sit in the corner of my retarded consciousness & cry . . .

yeah .
these are real tears of self-awareness
i told myself that I was on a path toward real love & acceptance .
perhaps there is no such thing
maybe it's just my inadequacy speaking .

. . . . . . . . . . .
promise i won't re-read then delete this tomorrow .
a real "retard" can deal with the dramatics of (in this case) her actions .
donc il va .
go fuck yourself .

(hysterical tears of . . . um . . . joy ? . . . ha .yeah , sure .)

feel free to pay me no mind whatsoever !


miss jack davey says . . .

i'm in the bay area
i'd love to see u out in the streets .
hit me !

go far out !

silly boys make groovy music ! . . . .

their dance moves are major maaaaaan .
"far out !" the song coming sooooooooooooon !


NY Times reviews J*DaVeY @ SOB's !

**S W I P E**

At the Intersection of Styles, Taking Some Songs for a Ride

Published: June 10, 2008
In a video clip available on YouTube, a young woman named Briana Cartwright appears on the stage of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” dressed as the host. Ms. DeGeneres had recently been in a car accident and could not perform her signature dance, so she asked her employees to come out and entertain her viewers. For a minute and a half Ms. Cartwright, who was a producer on the show at the time, did just that, all liquid shoulders, slinky hips and high-fives to audience members, then merrily skipped off.

J*Davey, featuring Briana Cartwright, performing on Sunday night at S.O.B.’s.
Outshining Ms. DeGeneres is no small feat, but it is only a small piece of what Ms. Cartwright, who performs under the name Jack Davey, can do. She and the producer Brook D’Leau make up the Los Angeles group J*Davey, and when they came to S.O.B.’s on Sunday night the dancing was of a more risqué sort. Sporting what could only be described as a torrential Mohawk, Ms. Davey was an effortless performer — vocally assured, physically lithe, emotionally raw.

When J*Davey first appeared three years ago, it presaged a revival of interest in the intersections between electro and soul. A widely disseminated demo led to a string of dates opening for Prince and a major-label deal with a division of Warner Brothers. No album arrived, but in the time since, the art-soul singer Santogold has received critical approbation, and Janelle Monáe, an eccentric OutKast affiliate, has been signed by Sean Combs to his Bad Boy Records. Suddenly the landscape for a new-wave-meets-R&B band doesn’t seem so bleak.

This summer, in advance of its major-label debut, J*Davey will release a double EP, “The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost” (Interdependent), which includes songs from the duo’s demo. Many of the songs are cool exhales, with wry lyrics over bright, poppy arrangements. But the band often idles once it lands on a good groove, leaving the songs to peter out.

Though that complacency threatened a couple of times during Sunday’s show, especially on “Hi Sun,” the band, led by Mr. D’Leau, was much firmer and more dynamic than is heard on record. “Mr. Mister” was muscular and sensual, and “Slooow” was woozy post-disco. Even a cover of the Police’s “Message in a Bottle” was aggressive without coming off stern or ironic.

During “Dollar or More,” a brash song about the tensions between art and commerce, Ms. Davey got around to dancing again. And she is not above a bit of titillation. Before she began “No More,” she called a male friend out of the crowd and, as she sang — “I got a feeling that we ain’t just friends no more/You got me feeling like I ain’t got feelings no more” — he began to undress her, pulling off her shorts and shirt to reveal a short, tight black dress.

But she is too cynical and poised to truly give over the upper hand. Still singing, she slipped on a loose tank top over the dress that shouted, in large letters, “Dirty Looks.” And then she instructed just the men in the crowd to sing the song’s chorus back to her, over and over again. And so a chorus of bruised, low voices serenaded her, chanting, “You can have whatever you want/And baby, I don’t even care” — another crowd eating out of the palm of her hand.


philly was sweltering !

more pics from the Roots family picnic are soon to come . . .

new york , new york !

the show at SOB's was our best thus far . we finally achieved the sound we have been searching for . what a rush !

a v 8 r .

sweaty . . .

so , i felt it was time for a costume change . . .

ahhhh , much better . . .

lay me down . . .

lay me out .

on my knees beggin' pleeeeease . . .

dominic on the axe . . .

khari ferrari on the thump . . .

chuck muthafuckin treese !

brook d'leau es sup-pear kewl . . .

tons of new york city yummies !

L O V E : anita & the rest of the SOB's crew for taking care of us ; jeremy , mancini , & co from gakcity . com for a wonderful interview ; jasi benjamin for being awesomely fierce ; HEAVy & taylor mcferrin for rockin' it ; mec j zilla & mama sinah for being there ; spec , donwillzo , deephunk , & elucid for partying with us ; the rivington & lotus for 2 kickass afterparties ! ; human for taking amazing photos ; all of the J*DaVeYBabies that got onstage to party with us during "mr mister / message in a bottle / mongoloid" ; mel d cole for undressing me onstage ; georgie , kristy love , & peanut gomez for being beautiful friends ; (your name here) . . . .

i'm finally home & beyond exhausted . our short east coast run was amazing , thank u to everyone who came out to support J*DaVeY . we will be back soon . in the meantime , i'm so damn happy to be back in my own bed !

more pics soon come . . . . . . . .


a cave in chocolate city .

bohemian caverns in washington d.c. has been there since 1926 . everybody from billie holiday & miles davis have played there . we hit thursday night & it was a million degrees in the place . orgasmically sweaty . baby oh baby .

peaz & carrotz . . .

the lizard king's daughter . . .

get low .

man behind the music . . .

& from the back . . .

wino for life . . .

L O V E : natalie , yusef , miles , & thelonious for hosting us crazy kids ; omrao for bringing us out & vickie for taking care of us ; my brother early for showing us a great time ; darryl for the tasty treats ; nicole & that pretty vintage dress ; mama sina for being completely BRILLZ onstage (how did i follow that??) ; mec j zilla for the energy ; emoni fela for being the breath of fresh air ; thx for the groovy pics karmin !