celebration time !

not like everyday isn't a time to celebrate , but tomorrow (sat , sept 29) my boo turns one year older so it's time to really do it up !

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it's bound to be a really kinky time . hope to see u there !


the ThirstyThursday special !

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only 150 .
for sale thursday , 09.27 @ www . myspace . com / jdavey .
first come , first serve .


thursday . september 27 .

get ur money ready babies . . .


by george !

i think we've finally got it .
we've been workin on a new song since last week , & when we first cut the demo brook says : "it sounds like that love shack song" . i wasn't really feelin the song yet , so i couldn't hear it yet . since then we've laid this song out & i'm lovin it . a drummer dude comes in today , hears it & says : "it sounds like a b-52s song" . what a coinky dink , ay ? well , i hit my fave site , wikipedia , & read up on the band . i was already a big fan of "roam" & "rock lobster" , but i didn't really know what they were all abt . crazy thing is they were what we are becomin : a group whose quirky take on new wave combines dance & surf music . people are constantly askin me what our music most sounds like . brook & i have settled on "a cross between prince & the b-52s . no . we're not goin rockabilly style . we are pretty cowabunga tho . you'd know that if you downloaded our land of the lost mixtape . shameless plug . www . myspace . com / jdavey .

okay . have a lil taste :

my fave lil tidbit : In the liner notes for a greatest hits album for Parliament Funkadelic, the musicians describe the B-52's as "P-Funk for white people ."

gotta love that . maybe we can get a J*DaVeY / B-52s collab . i mean , we are label mates . . .

dear nicholle jean :

miss u madly as well .

ur drink & vent partner .

J*DaVeY does Japan .

not really . . . yet . but we're gettin closer . we were recently photographed & interviewed for japanese fashion mag , Honeyee . fun , low-key shoot & prolly one of the best interviews we've done thus far .

thanks to tiffany from honeyee , griffin marcus for puttin it all together , pookie for assistin , & pablo aguilar for takin the flicks .


my new look .

accordin to mr . d ' leau & the thundercat . brace yourselves :

d ' leau : palazzo shants

thundercat : wifebeater shorts

d ' leau : cutoff deep vneck boustier

thundercat : onesie leather jacket with snaps under the nuts

d ' leau : open squaretoe boots with clear heels . spurs .

thundercat : drunk collar mc hammer pants . leather socks with garters with some timberland boot sandals . a leather chuck taylor body suit that goes straight into some pumps with cleats .

. . . thank god it stopped right there . tweedle dee & tweedle doo .

babies makin babies .

no no no . i am not with child , but i do love this lil bundle of joy :

baby sanaa has joined us in today's studio session & she's such a fun lil monkey . she in fact belongs to our bassist/md , stephen "the thundercat" bruner & she is a 1 year old ufc fighter already . she's been headbuttin me for the past hour . nevertheless , bein around her makes me realize that i am totally not ready for motherhood , but when i am i'll actually be pretty good at it . hopefully i'll be lucky enough to have a kid as cool as sanaa . she never cries, she doesn't really drool , she's content to sit still while her daddy is workin , & she loves to pose for pictures .

okay . no more cooin . must get back to work . . .


2morrow nite . . .

if u live in LA & want somethin fun to do on a thursday nite feel free to come have a drink with me here :

cute boys , hot girls , cheap drinks , rony's photobooth , Praise One's bday celebration , taco stand next door for the 2am stumble to the car , lets start this wknd off right !

maybe today . . .

my luck will change .
maybe today's my lucky day .
hump day . perfect day to play the lottery . while money is low & bein broke is a drag i am feelin rather accomplished . when i'm feelin down abt my income status i stop & take a deep breath & realize that the money is comin . how soon ? i'm not sure . there are so many things in the works that all i can do is hurry up & wait . plus , why stress somethin that shouldn't have as much power as it does ? is that too utopian of me to say ? that money shouldn't have power , even tho i live in a capitalist country & i work for a major corporation ? i just don't give it as much power as it already has . just as quickly as it comes , it goes & then it comes back again . there's always that ebb & flow . the strugglin artist thing definitely ain't no joke , but it's a necessary process . it makes the skin tougher , the hustle more consistent , & the humility more apparent . i know what i'm doin this for , & if it was for the money i woulda stopped doin it a long time ago . i just gotta slow down my expectations & realize that i'm right where i need to be . if i was sposed to be inna better place i would be . timin is everything & maybe it has nothin to do with me . it's some celestial prophecy that has already been presupposed . oh shit , now i'm gettin quasi-spiritual abt somethin that i'm not sure i believe . lemme take a step back .

recently i'm startin to put together all the pieces of this puzzle . makin a record is 95% politics & 5% music . the suits are only worried abt sales & revenue when they should be concerned with the product that will in turn positively or negatively affect the sales & revenue . instead of makin intelligent creative decisions they make decisions based on their political obligations , i.e. which producers they owe , who's dick they need to suck now to bust their nut later , etc . nobody is really payin attn to what's happenin . there's a major shift occurrin in the industry now & nobody is willin to take the first step to accomodate the shift . instead of listenin to the consumer , who is sayin , "fuck the radio ! fuck mtv & bet ! myspace , itunes , youtube, yeah !" , the suits are still content with trustin their old formula & watchin their relevance take major dives on the stock market . everybody is screamin for a change , but noone wants to be the first one to change things . even the ppl that should be on the artists' side , i.e management , lawyers , etc , don't wanna put their cock's on the table for the sake of change . frustratin . especially when u pour ur heart out endlessly in the studio only for these idiots to say , "it's not good enough , try again" .

um . i really don't know what i'm ventin abt today . the songs we're workin on this week are awesome & it's all comin together . it's just an interestin place to be in . there's never enough money to do what we wanna do . everybody needs to get paid for their services , but the ppl with the money don't wanna pay unless it's lucrative for them . ah , what a strange game to play , ay ?

whatever . i'm just talkin for the sake of gettin shit off my chest .
consider me crumplin this up & throwin it in the trash .


J*DaVeY live(s) . . . "this one !"

from the most lackluster show we've done recently (sorry to be a downer abt it, but i really wasn't feelin it) :

sorry .
i'm in google mode right now & didn't realize there was so much J*D stuff online .
i'm either jaded or on my own nutt .
or both .
dah well . enjoy anyhow .

under pressure .

this ain't as easy as it used to be .
am i , dare i even say it , losin my edge ? ? ?
me thinks not .
i'm just under this massive pressure to record a "hit" .
everybody's forcin that word down my throat this week .
"write a hit & the rest is simple" , yeah ?
not so much .
i am trudgin thru it , but who is to determine what a hit sounds like these days ?
the usual "hit" framework is all topsy turvy .
i'm lost somewhere between artistic integrity & what will be catchy enuff for radio .
i'm somehow supposed to blend my complex creativity with my run of the mill pop sensibilities .
i'm wrapped around my own head . worryin if the song even makes sense , when who cares anyway ?
does it make people dance ? does it get stuck in peoples' heads ? will my a&r's young kid wanna download & play it a million times ?
now i'm left to re-evaluate what i'm doin this for .
yeah . i'm good at what i do & i know that i was put here to do it , but at what cost ?
i've been doin it for so long without gettin paid that there certainly isn't any harm in finally reapin the benefits of what i've sewn , yeah ?
take will.i.am for instance . he was makin records with the black eyed peas that couldn't sell for the life of him , & after "keepin it real" for so long he finally ditched the integrity for another zero on his royalty check . can't really blame him . yeah , it's nice to keep it real , but why be broke forever when it's so simple to make music money ?
hmm .
i guess my point in all this is now simple :
fuck the heads . i'm makin music for lil billy jo in bumblefuck usa now . if i wanted to keep it real & make music simply for the true music lovers i wouldn't have signed a major deal . not to say we , J*DaVeY , won't always keep 1 foot in the real world . no use in lettin both feet leave the ground . but for the sake of winnin i'll much oblige the major & write at least 3 repetitive , catchy , no brainers . then i'll collect my check , turn around , & make some abstract , mellow dramatic , super strange collage for all of my loyal music weirdos .
now that i've made myself feel better about , here goes nothin .
no worries , babies .
this is simply a part of growin up . onward & upward .

"no paparazzi" shot courtesy of rony's photo booth .


black girls (& cholos) rule !

trace magazine . aug '07 .
just in case u missed it . . .

hardly workin ?

my ass .

we're barely crackin the surface of the recordin process , but we're makin progress .
this week we're in with greg kurstin of beck / the bird & the bee fame .
next week we cut the final versions of all the demos we have up to this point . then we're on to the next . so on & so forth . blah blah blah , there's always somethin .
when ?
the album ain't comin till early next year , so stop askin .
if ur still in need of "the beauty in distortion" & "the land of the lost ep" stay tuned .
we've got somethin up our sleeves . . .


a whole buncha nothin .

sorry folks .
i have nothin of importance to share at the moment . lately i've been on a mini-vaycay from recordin , so i've been spendin my time in the sun perfectin my bronze goddess & fallin head first . ahhh, how good it feels .
more on that later .
as i idly sit inna studio in the d.c/maryland area i figured i'd take time out of my boredom to revisit this place i have abandoned as of late .
let me collect my thoughts & i'll return to u sooner than later . trust .
photo : the daughters of bonet do las vegas. courtesy of the arab parrot .