drop .

yeah ? no ?
say it ain't so ? ?
the people have spoken .
are u listenin ?
maybe it is .
maybe it ain't .
guess u soon shall see .

in the glorious words of b . i . g : "ha ha ha ha ha . . ."
in the immortal words of bartles & james : "thanks for ur support ."

stay tuned . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

" those who can , do . those who can't , talk shit on okayplayer " . . . ancient proverb .

p . s : we won .


inna silent way .

shhhhhh . . .
if i wanted to hear u
i would listen .

go away . . .
if i wanted to see u
i would open my eyes .

leave me be . . .
i'm busy .
i'm happily stressed out .
i'm workin .
i'm playin .
i'm doin thaaaaangs .

i just ain't doin em with u .

if that grinds ur gears
it .

i always come back around
if you're dumb enough to wait
i guess i'll see u then .

if you're smart enough to not take me too seriously
keep urself busy
movin . . .

yeah .
i'm in that place again .
the "i don't wanna be innundated by everybody & their lives" place .
the "i only wanna be around a few people" phase.
the "it's all about me for a while" space.
nothin wrong with bein selfish . at least i'm bein honest .
i have enough on my plate at the mo
no need to be a glutton "just cuz" .

5 words : catch me if u can .

. . . . p h o t o c o u r t e s y o f r o n y ' s p h o t o b o o t h . . . . .


joys of womanhood .

whoever said bein a woman is an easy thing obviously was a man .

this week has been a strange one .
not strange in a bad or good way
strange .
new .
different .
as a woman i've been dealin with the issues of privacy , control , & health lately .
as far as privacy
i truly have none .
personal space is on my wish list .
sometimes i wish i could just lamp in my own private space for an entire day without havin to answer to anyone or be available for anything .
as far as control
i'm searchin for the true meanin of the word & tryin to gain some over my feelings & aspirations to make reliquishin some of my control an easier thing to swallow .
health-wise . . .
well . . .
i'm keepin my eyes to the sun
i'm hopeful that it'll all turn out just fine .
funny how i'm complainin about privacy in a public blog .
without gettin too specific
everything is changin & i'm not sure how much i like these changes .
but this is today
tomorrow will be different .
i hope .

for my next trick
i plan to dissect the meanin of
"friendship" .

maybe .


love will .

remember that cool dude sonny i told u about ?
he recorded a beautiful song
this past weekend i had the pleasure of bein a part of the video for this beautiful song .
it was definitely a lovely experience . everything was so professional & top notch .
the best part about it is that i was surrounded by old & dear friends .

no .
i'm not an actress
i pulled it together
somehow managed not to make a complete fool of myself .

adei prettied my face :

sonny with director , oji singletary , & asst director , future :

bobby burns handled the camera :

uriel bridge :

jojo stopped by :

the singletary bros & the leos :

come .


tasty .

my fave word .
everything is tasty .
"hey bri , what do u wanna eat ?" . . . "mmm , somethin tasty" .
"ooh , we really need somethin tasty right now" .
so on
so forth .
quite an infectious lil adjective .
feel free to use it at ur leisure .
remember :
it's cool for boys to say , "tasty "
it's gnar gnar* for boys to say , "delish" .
just f . y . i .

so anyway
if you've never been to cinespace on tuesdays
then ur truly missin out on
free vodka for a whole hour . i guess
even in the throngs of hi school kids
u can always get drunk
get ur picture taken . . .

the best part about this photo is not the look on his face
nor is it the fact that i'm double fistin vodka .
look to my right , ur left , & peep my man , reza .
since ur in the clappin mood
check out his blog .
i have it linked : "the arab parrot " .

last nite at cinespace was a wild one .
there were live sets by '87 stickup kids :

yo majesty :

king cinespace (steve karao..i mean aoki) & dj them jeans were there :

there were living legends :

and of course , every too cool for school kid in town was there too :

* footnote : "gnar gnar" is short for gnarley . kinda valley girl of me , but if u wanna be a nigga about it u can replace it with "creez" . if u have a pro'lem , take it to the board bangers in the lbc .

. . . p h o t o s b y l e c o b r a s n a k e . . .

wino for life .

yup . me & johnny d .
red wine is a consistent studio staple .
when i'm tipsy enough
bored with listenin to the same song over & over
i start takin random photos on brook's macbook .

workin hard ?
hardly workin ?
u will soon be the judge .

messin with sasquatch .

the funniest ad campaign i've seen on t.v. inna loooooong time .

thanks for puttin me on , schoolhouse .

shit on the bird .

i know, i know . . .
i left u hangin on the end of my line .
i'd like to blame it on my busy schedule , but i can't keep usin that as an excuse , huh ?
i'll simply blame it on the fact that i haven't had much to say lately .
and no
that doesn't mean i haven't been up to much
it just means that
so much is goin on that i don't know how to put it all in writin .
or maybe i just don't wanna talk about it .
what kinda blog would this be if i never wanted to talk about anything ?
a boring one .
that's what kind .
in no particular order here's a list of random shit that is currently on my bird :

one . . . yesterday i was hit with the reality that i am no longer a free thinkin individual , but a part of a conglomerate that has my future planned to a tee . therefore , before i make any decisions for myself i have to enlist the opinions of my male counterparts . as strong willed as i am , the hardest part about all of this is that i must relinquish some of what i want for other people . i guess this is what marriage & motherhood is like . total femasculation . yes . i made that one up myself .

two . . . i had this grand idea that makin an album would be easy since my partner & i have been so great at formulatin good song ideas . what a fool i am . the hardest part isn't comin up with the ideas , but finishin them .

three . . . label people are complete idiots who think they know everything , when in actuality the only thing they should know is how to manage my future money & shut up .

four . . . i think it's finally happenin . bein the abnormal girl who never dreamt of proposals , wedding processions , and happily ever after , i never really knew how to fall . up until now i've been so good at what jojo calls , "fallin out just as quickly as i fall in" . well , i'm definitely not fallin out so i guess it's safe to say i'm happy these days & thinkin of a lot of things i wasn't thinkin of before . so , even if it doesn't turn out to be you , thanks for turnin me into a believer .

five . . . i'm sick to death of all these "cool kids" who are bringin the 90s back in style like they were old enough to do anything without their parent's permission back then . take ur airbrush/faux raiders gear/neon/mismatch shoe/extra'd out flare/wannabe south central gangsta shit back to pasadena . like forreal , i'm all for bein a hip kid , but summa yous is takin this hipster shit waaaaaay too far . and for the white kids , you are not allowed to call each other "nigga" . not cuz it's strictly a "black thing" , but you just sound dumb when you say it . oh , and just cuz ur cool & on the scene DOES NOT mean you should be inna band/rap group/production team . why don't u just leave the music to the professionals & go shave three lines in the side of ur hi top fade already ?

six . . . am i the only one who thinks barack obama should wait till 2012 to run for president ? i think he's great , but do we really want the first black president to come in after the disaster that is idiot bush & have to bear the brunt of cleanin up the mess of the past 8 years ? that's just stressful . take it easy for a few more years , obama . let hillary burn herself out cleanin up after bushwick & then come in on ur white horse like a hero . or do what u want . i vote green anyway .

seven . . . sorry absolut mandarin . my new love is now maker's mark . on the rocks or with a lil ginger ale . smooth. like a newborn baby's ass .

eight . . . my party train derailment didn't last like i knew it wouldn't , so i will no longer make any false promises . it's summertime for fuck's sake . who am i to deny myself ?

nine . . . my summer must haves : tangerine nail polish , carol's daughter mango melange , short dresses , & gold accents .

ten . . . yesterday was the first time i've cried in months . it felt weird . i was always a big fan of cryin , but i've been so happy go fuck me lately that i haven't wanted to waste the time sheddin tears over pointless things . the flood gates opened & i let loose 3 times . i just couldn't stop . pms much ? not even . regardless , it made me realize the genuity of my newfound happiness . no need for stress & tears when the weather is warm & the sun is hi . thus , i woke up in the middle of the bed this mornin with a poundin headache from last night's debauchery & a crooked smile . life is good .

eleven . . . this is the first time in my life that i'm honestly able to say : "i love my body " . boney , sharp edges , knobby knees , scars , & all . somehow , i managed to tan beautifully , my skin is clear , & i'm finally startin to fill out . i'm kinda feelin myself , but i won't tell u how much for fear of soundin too vain . ha . like i care .

twelve . . . fast ride , fancy automobile . when they wonder , u reply , "ur just as good as u feel" . and u walk around like u invented the wheel . ain't it funny ? everything u can imagine is real .

fuck today .
i'm livin for tomorrow .
"dreamer ." . . . yeah . so what ?


me & u . . .

i think we should riiiiiiiiide . . .
in this :

chrome trim . . .

bucket, *ahem* excuse me, BENCH seats* . . .

this .

*footnote : i'm a friggin girl, dude. i don't know shit about carseats !

it's june first . . .

i wanted to ring in this beautiful friday with the openin sequence / theme song from 1 of my fave cartoons of all time :

and for all the niggas in the house tonight , i present the dj screw version :

lets all take a moment to reminisce on the "the chipmunk adventure" movie
of course
they're adopted dad , dave .

mixed chicks .

so my big sis, kimmy (left) & her friend wendy started a hair care company for people with thick, natural curls .
their products are the only reason why i'm comfy rockin my hair wild & curly these days .
love it !

peep their site (www.mixedchicks.net)
try em out .
u won't be disappointed .

the first person to respond with somethin negative abt kimmy & our other sis, alicia (yeah, she's datin bobby brown now, but lets not talk about it!) is gettin cut , ya dig ?

no fellas . . .
i will not play cupid .