l o v e .

jack & zoe . nyc . march 2009 .

queen of wonderland .

u say u disagree
u may not understand
he sees every part of me
he's my dream
i am the queen of wonderland . . .

he gives his love to me
he holds me in his hand
he bleeds in the heart of me
he's my dream
i am the queen of wonderland . . .

do over .

when i'm unable to hear my own voice it is probably because i haven't used my voice correctly .
silence creates my idle mind . to break that silence is to unlock the lion from the cage .
currently snatching the bullet from the chamber . my genius has come out to play . yay .

g r o o v y .

courtesy of vogue nippon .

s h h . . .

i'm struggling to hear my own voice lately . seems as though everyone else's voice is overpowering my own . i guess i'm so delusional & aloof that the ppl closest to me feel as though they have to protect me . i must be so lost in my own world that everyone feels they have to talk incessantly to get me to listen . they see something wrong in me that i obviously don't see in myself . they know what's best for me because i obviously don't know what's good for myself .

i'm drowning in a sea of voices that don't belong to me . hitting my head on the ceiling . searching for a break through . something new , something right . i'm not sure if it's here in this place . this body . this mind state . a little silence would do me good .

wishful thiiiiinkiiiin' . . . like sly says .

currently getting a grip .
i'm lucky to be loved .
i'm lucky to be saved from myself .


this is gonna be good .

stay tuned :)


before the music . . .

i pumped lemonade & deep fried hot dogs in a rainbow miniature top hat . groovy .


r a n d o m .

miss jack davey . fri , oct 30 . courtesy of moses mitchell .

J*DaVeY presents . . .

"outta the window" .
off the soon to be released boudoir synema : the great mistapes .
produced by khari ferrari .
download . enjoy . tell a friend .


run run run , that girls gonna . . .

cherish the day . won't go astray . won't be afraid . won't catch me running . ur ruling the way that i move . & i breathe ur air . u show me how deep love can be . this is my prayer . . .

swear .


t h r o w b a c k .

mister 88 keys & miss jack davey circa summer 2006 . new york city .

dream wedding .

black beaded rope to bind the wrists . psychedelics . roaring fire . room full of unconcerned ppl . completely tapping out of the robot , completely tapping into each other . foreheads pressed together . eyes locked . no dearly beloved speech . speak now or forever hold . vowed from the top of the bird . no need for a press release . no rings necessary . no white dress . no promises . simply merging with the one i love . thx for asking . . .

g i m m e .

the perfect vintage givenchy silk dress .

m u s e .

donyale luna . model , actress , muse .


r a n d o m .

i never meant to appear to be deep . i never wanted to pretend to know anything at all . like right now i'm not sure if it's good to admit i probably will never have it figured out . that i'm blissfully happy yet scared shitless of myself at the same time . that sometimes i may say some things that i really don't mean . that i'm afraid to need u yet i miss u madly . that i'm glad ur still willing to be around despite how fucked up i am .

there's a certain therapy in saying things out loud .

perhaps i'll come out from behind this rock & tell u face to face . perhaps these are things u already know . that i'll never stop fighting myself . that there just may be a padded cell with my name on it . the realization of that is easy to swallow as long as u promise to come with me when they come to commit me . i can't do this without u . i won't .

g i m m e .

jeffery campbell , ur on my list . . .

w o n d e r l a n d .

groovy . currently in i-D magazine .


oh tao . . .

i love ur face .

d e a l .

did u know that only 10% of what we're feeling in any situation has to do with what's in front of us ? be it anger , fear , jealousy , or pain , etc . the other 90% is from old wounds that have been triggered by the present situation . if we take the time to clear & heal our old wounds we can avoid more triggering situations from the universe . we react less in the future when we've taken the time to feel thru & clear the past . so get to it ! the universe is knocking . . .


no more .

i can't say i don't want drama in my life
continue to feed into it .
at a certain point i have to recognize exactly what it is & where it's coming from , hold myself responsible for continually fueling the fire , then do something abt it .
trusting ones' self is knowing when to just walk away .
currently putting that trust into action . . .


neverending story .

i've been craving silence lately . everything bores me . nothing really moves me .
enjoying time alone with the thoughts in my head & the songs in my heart .
doing what i do best . retreating & reinventing . owning up to my faults & listening to my gut . doing my gypsy thing .
noticing some very interesting things abt myself lately , putting all my pieces together & laughing at it all . how did i not see this in the first place ? i probably would have saved u a lot of heartache .

on with the show . go for what u know . . .

J*DaVeY / El Rey . thurs , Oct 22 .

photos courtesy of holly port .

this brings me out of hybernation . . .

chanel iman does the latest issue of Deutsch mag . f i e r c e . . . !

hello again .