f i e r c e .

lady gaga does Maxim magazine . . .


the king & the indian .

feathers , leather , & a sun dance . sasquatch festival . may 2009 .

r . i . p

i remember when i was abt 3 years old my mom worked for the local news in st louis , & somehow got her hands on a vhs copy of "the making of thriller" with the extended mini-movie & a behind the scenes documentary . after being completely mortified by the zombies & vincent price's creepy voice & those scary yellow cat eyes , i completely fell in love & proceeded to watch the movie every day for at least a year (maybe two , it was in heavy rotation with "annie" , "the wizard of oz" & my "boy george LIVE in concert" tapes) . that beautiful brown skinned boy with the amazing voice & smooth moves stole my heart , often sending me to my bubblegum pink bedroom to admire the classic "thriller" vinyl (michael the cool guy on one side , michael the sexpot on the other) while playing "baby be mine" over & over .

the news of his passing blew my mind . what an eerie feeling . . . for some reason i assumed he'd simply live forever . i imagined him accepting lifetime achievement awards in his 80s . to lose a legend at such a young age makes me weary of fame . what a hard life he must have lived , even in the midst of all the glitz & glamour . while i'm crushed at the news of his death i am happy to know that he's no longer suffering in that little bubble that we all , the media & the fans alike , forced him into . i am forever grateful for his stunning creativity . he was the biggest pop star to ever live .

& now
a video from my fave mj movie :

may his spirit soar on .

r a n d o m .

i'm surrounded by incredible genius .

ppl who possess a passion for life which only inspires my own . very rarely do i express how amazing my friends are , but i've been thinking over it lately . . . how i owe a few ppl the world for who they are , who they've been to me , & for all that they've been willing to share with me . for allowing me to break my own inner barriers & become vulnerable . for supporting my whims , & for getting in my ass with no lasting judgments when my impulses run far too wild . without writing my entire album liner credits & "thank you notes" to the few of u , i'll just say thanks for making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world .

i owe u a big pussy clad favor . . .


i n t r o d u c i n g . . .

my new baby , bowie . born 3 / 31 / 09 .

c u r r e n t l y . . .

u know that euphoric state u enter right before u die ? i seem to permanently be in that place . not dying in "the long dirt nap" sense . perhaps being reborn in some sort of way ? spending every day in the studio . spending my nights in a calm & loving environment . feeling like the most beautiful human being ever created . realizing i don't party anymore . psychedelic drugs galore . talking to my god & heeding the advice the universe is giving me . realizing that before this point i may have been wasting my time trying to fit into a box that would never be able to fully contain me . saying what i feel even if it hurts other ppl . laughing like a maniac . descending further down the rabbit hole . my glass is overflowing . drink & enjoy . . .


go ask alice .

burton . depp . bonham-carter . hathaway . march 5 2010 .

LA : 2morrow . the Roxy . Black Morris presents . . .

their first LA show !
featuring a guest dj set by J*DaVeY as Black Morris .
this . . .


f i e r c e .

kate courtesy of hedi .


c u r r e n t l y . . .

sorry . i'm not really speaking much lately . my voicemail is completely full . i have over 100 unread texts . i'm so tapped out i'm tapped in .

leave me here .

s t u p e f i a n t .

photo courtesy of hedi slimane .

f i e r c e .

hilary rhoda for Numero mag . . .


c r a z e .

le major rager & pigeon dave courtesy of le snake .

f i e r c e .

fatima robinson . photo courtesy of le cobra snake .


r a n d o m .

the gypsy & her hat . june 2 , 2009 . photos courtesy of greg wells .

s t u p e f i a n t .

daily dose . jon k is muse worthy . . .

l o v e .

my newly purchased vintage 1960s Kay . june 1 2009 . photo courtesy of greg wells . thanks d'leau . . .


s t u p e f i a n t e s t .

brad pitt for Flaunt mag .

s t u p e f i a n t e r .

gaspard ulliel for Dazed&Confused .

in search of . . .

the futuristic woodsman . came across these pics & they correlated with an inside joke i've been laughing at lately . my perfect match is a deep feeler . vivid thinker . good with his hands . magic man . loose-leaf tea drinker . clawfoot tub bather . axe weilder . log cabin builder . hard lover . soft heart . art appreciator . free bird .

i think he may have already found me . . .

s t u p e f i a n t .

"in the oasis" featuring jon kortajorena for DVMAN international magazine .