young & full of comedown .

. . . "they sing about the outskirts of the nighttime, when the lights go up & u might end up going home for bad sex with girls & boys you don't really want to be having sex with . they are more interested in the lows than the highs of drugs. they love a wrong relationship. because they are the children of utopian ravers, they understand the comedown better than the come up ."

how i love the tragically poetic portrayal of today's youth .
here's to wishin i had a time machine to zap me back to the summer of a few yester-years . . . ha . what am i sayin ?


busy is an understatement .

i barely have time
idle wits to sit
blog .
i almost destroyed this entire "movement" just the other day
who cares what i have to say anyway , yeah ?
hmm . . .
right now my mind is so occupied with my career
everything else has seemed to fall by the wayside .
i generally have that problem : everything is lovely , then i return to my busy reality , & begin to hide behind my work .
i'm still young , so there shouldn't be anything to apologize for .
music right now is my #1 mainly because it is changin my life for the better .
my financial status is changin because of it
will that also effect my sanity & happiness ?
what am i even sayin right now ?
it's barely 2pm & i've already had a full glass of champagne .
i have lots to celebrate today , as well as lots to accomplish . maybe i should put this "pen" to rest for a moment & emerge myself in the studio experience .
argh .
if u return to this page later
it has mysteriously disappeared
just um . . .
well .
nevermind .


feed ur head .

cuz it's friday .

hippie flip me , baby .


the sign .

2 nights ago i gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world .

she popped into my life unnanounced .
one minute i was alone
before i knew it she was in my arms .
she didn't cry , she just looked up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes ,
then she smiled at me .
the most unbelievable feelin came over me , i wouldn't have believe she was mine if she wasn't the spittin image of my baby brother , who is the spittin image of me as a kid .
i held her so close to me ,
i felt this inner calm come over me . it was like everything in my life was perfect , like all of my inner turmoil was finally at peace .
i couldn't stop starin at her . i couldn't comprehend from where this beautiful little angel had come from .
when i breastfed her for the first time she looked up at me ,
smiled again ,
said ,
"it's so good mama" .
there was that unbelievable feelin again , somethin like a love so deep it was overwhelmin mixed with a hopefulness for things to come .

i woke up
i could still see her face .
i thought abt her all day
wondered what she was tryin to tell me . i was so moved by her that i couldn't help but cry . funny how such a beautiful vision can appear
change ur life in an instant . . .

dream interpretation books are random
abt as accurate as a daily horoscope , so i'm turnin to u .

what does my beautiful brown eyed happy baby represent ?

the first person to reply , "ur pregnant" will be promptly taken out back & shot .


um . . .

do i play anything other than the voice box ?
no .
why , might u ask , am i playin conga drums
sa-ra creative partners
like i'm ricky ricardo jr ? . . .

. . . vodka . that's why .

carry on .


it's all over .

the parties were fun .
the shows were awesome .
the vodka is comin outta my pores .
my eyeliner is smudged all over my pillows .
the balls of my feet hurt from excessively hi heels .
we did it up this year .
the hi light of my wknd was mtg perez hilton on the curb outside the wmg party
yellin , "hey jason !" at kardinal from the red carpet
gigglin with mr . nelson while bilal killed "sometimes"
gay boys galore in their underwear at our show with diesel
questo tellin sway & mtv news that we're "the ghetto eurythmics"
robert glasper tellin us how much lovin he gets to "no more"
me draggin kawai over to travis from gym class heroes to see how cute he is
seein all my philly friends
the 80 degree weather
thank god it's over cuz now i get to rest my party bones & get back to work .
oh .
just kiddin .
VEGAS babies i hope to see you at empire ballroom 2morrow .
as for u LA babies
thursday is for J*DaVeY & Sa-Ra lovers :

treat ur honey to somethin sweet & unique for valentine's day !


kinda sad .

but at the same time
how can u deny someone when they're desperate (or vulnerable) enough to beg for help ?
it's kinda indicative of how i feel abt homeless ppl . if someone has the guts to beg u for somethin they know they'll never give back that's just ballsy enough to get u a few bucks in my book . my dumb pride barely allows me to ask for what i need when i'm inna jam , so i'd prolly make a lousy homeless person . i digress . point of it all is i can't hate on the man for puttin this ad in the Variety . maybe he's at his rock bottom & in need of a fresh start . i mean , there has to be somethin he can do on television . flavor flav is still on tv aaaaand comin out with his own sitcom on mynetworktv . lord . i digress again . help out the haim . spare change , guest spots , house sittin , anything . he needs us .

wish us luck .

GRAMMY wknd is upon us
that means we shall descend to GRAMMY party hell
open bar heaven . gotta love it .
"lets go craaaaaazay , lets get nuuuuuutts . . . "


did u ?

in J*DaVeYBaby heaven !

i was sick with stomach flu for what seemed to be a friggin eternity , & while i was incapacitated i received this song in my email inbox . come to find out they did a youtube video for their J*DaVeY remix as well . check it out :

this type of love is what keeps us goin . i can't say thank u enough . there's so much in store babies , so stay tuned . . .


first LA , & then comes VEGAS !

if u are an LA area J*DaVeYBaBy we'd love to see ur lovely faces (& cute booties) at this fun event on fri , feb 8 . underwear as outerwear optional .

as for u wonderful LAS VEGAS babies , come celebrate the return of the MAGIC TRADESHOW w/ myself , mikada , lovemade , URB , & missbehave on tues , feb 12 !

come come now
shy !