trans4m8tion .

i've been a lil outta sorts lately . learnin a lotta things i thought i already knew . seein a lotta things i'm not sure i wanted to see . forgettin a lotta things / people who deserve to be forgotten . feelin the right things . sayin the right things . bein misunderstood & lovin it .

i'm so so happy today . it's been rainin since monday , & while i'm usually warm weather dependent i'm cool with the onslaught of wetness . all is how it should be . the music is on schedule & startin to really get good . my personal life is nice & quiet for a change , which is relaxin . i'm normalizin , reinventin myself . . . again .

no jack davey photos courtesy of v a m p / t r a m p , or anyone else till the transformation is complete .

yes yes .
i love that u hate it .


f y i . . .

this blog is not intended for the sensitive or weak hearted . jack davey revels in sarcastic tone & nature , so if u can't enter this space with tough skin then pls feel free to voyeur elsewhere . if u are indeed able & willing to handle my tough love then pls continue to enjoy my unnecessary opinions , as i will continue to enjoy yours .

as u were . . .


i love J*DaVeYBabies !

this one in particular . . .

thanks for ur love !

gone too soon .

right after hi school word got around that a girl from our graduatin class was datin this new knockout aussie actor , so when i saw him in "a knight's tale" i became instantly jealous . lucky her , yeah ? well , the relationship didn't last , but the new aussie knockout quickly became a silver screen fave & was well on his way to becomin a legend . such sad news was delivered today when he was found dead on the floor of his apartment , presumably due to a lethal amount of OTC sleepin pills . i can only wonder how my hi school buddy , cecilia , felt upon hearin the news . i'm sure she isn't nearly as devastated as michelle & little matilda .

this tragedy comes on the tail end of another young actor's death .

may heath & mr . renfro rest in peace .


from whence it came .

chicken ?

the egg ?

one should never shoot the messenger . . . .


"rockstars h e a r t models" .

vice versa .

time shall only tell just how much . . .


gimme .

i heart balenciaga .
hopefully i'll make enuff money this year to afford his latest collection .
yeah perez ,
jen connelly does look like a hot alien .

l o v e . . .

comes in a size 8 .
no .
i'm not jealous that my shoes had their pic taken more than me on friday nite . . .


two thousand great .

we're four days into the new year & there's already way too much goin on . i can barely wrap my head around it all . expect the first true blog of the new year sometime next week after i have had some days to process my feelings , the major headlines , etc .

for now allow me to share my dec 31 with u , as it started at this amazin hotel downtown

for that show i mentioned with tyrese (& if i didn't seem so excited abt it , pls don't think it was due to tyrese bein involved . 'baby boy' is my fave , so i loves me some blk ty , BUT i do not deal well with disorganization & disrespect) . altho the whole day was stressful i did get to hang out with three of my fave musicians

after we ripped the stage for 20 min in almost complete darkness , i made it outta there in enough time to change my mind , & then clothes en route to a soiree at a house on top of the world . . . or so it seemed to be .
just like i knew i would

oops . . .
i mean




blast !

. . . hope u had fun as well !