prom nite @ the viper room .

it felt sooooooo good to rock los angeles. it had been a while, so we figured we'd go all out.

from the pre-party . . .

to the stage . . .

and then . . .

in some fit of undeniable rage . . .

d'leau killed his beloved microkorg . . .

so fuckin punk rock . . .

the rest of the nite was spent with (my lovely prom date) mr. schoolhouse, inglewoody allen & noa noa, ernessssto, israeli strippers, g-lau & his remote control smoke machine, & the best episode of curb ur enthusiasm.

sigh. i really love my life.

the weekend is gonna be amazin! one three syllable word : coachella . can u say, "magic mushrooms"?

*photos by teal moss. video by g-lau*


girl wants to party all the time .

while surfin the net i was fortunate enough to find various party shots of myself, & i realized that i've been runnin the streets quite a bit. filthy u were right. i am an US WEEKLY story waitin to happen.

me & (a super drunk) johnny modernaire . . .

the deacon, me, no msg, james, jasi, & kim . . .

schoolhouse, me, & g lau . . .

me & a fun random dude . . .

her . . .

the instant lovers . . .

me & the wife . . .

g.i. jack . . .

danny boy, camille, dee-low, & me . . .

jack & track . . .

me & shaboobs . . .

yeah. it's been a wild few months. just imagine if there were cameras flashin every single time i went out. eek. & somehow i manage to get work done.

"so many . so lil time" . . .


"dear boys" : an open letter to the boys we lvoe.

dear boys :

u confuse us so. like to the point that we have to sit up until 3am grindin our teeth & splittin our fuckin wigs tryin to figure out whether or not u like us. sure. u always call when we don't expect it, but then other times u don't call at all. u love to be seen with us, & i mean, who can blame u. & yeah, u love to do all those "couple-y" things like loungin in bed on a sunday eve while watchin family guy. & yes, u did introduce us to all of ur cool friends because u wanted them to lvoe us just as much as u do. while that all seems lovely & wonderful, u kill it by talkin about how cute ur "girlfriend" is as uve got ur hands down our pants on the dancefloor. i mean, we WERE turned on, but there's no way we're gonna get it in with u (tonight) now. okay. yeah, we'll still do a lil harmless makin out with u in the bathroom, but don't add insult to injury by whippin ur cock out in my face while i'm squattin on the toilet. ew. what kinda sluts do u take us for? & why doesn't the word "consistency" exist in ur vocabulary? & yeah, it's only been a short amount of time, but when are u gonna open up & let us see who u really are? i mean, we know we don't know what we want, but we know that we want u to stop bein so fuckin dizz-bizz*. bottom line, boys : either really lvoe us or leave us alone. . . .

but just so u know, we hope that u choose to lvoe us instead of leave us cuz even tho ur confusin & retarded ur also really cute & cool.

ya know. just an f.y.i.

heart, jack & camille. **

argh lol.

*footnote : "dizz-bizz" is short for "dumb bones", which is some random term i came up with

**footnote : we had a very interestin tues nite w/ some very interestin fly guys who left us completely topsy turvy. this letter is all in fun w/ a 2% serious twinge to it. okay. maybe more than 2%, but i'm being a toughie right now. . . .

pssh!...these dumb boys better get it together. "don't they realize that black girls are in this year??!?"



l.a. J*DaVeYBabies : u r officially invited . . . .

b there . . .

or b hella L7 . "suuuuuckaaaaaas" . black tie optional .

info :
per4min l!ve
wed, apr 25 2007
the Viper Room
(sunset blvd, la, ca)

faces .

i seem to have a million of em
if u watch very closely i'll show em all to u inna short span of time
i truly have nothin to hide.
i feel amazin.
inside & out.
in charge.
free to be.
as hard as i'm workin these days i'm partyin just as hard.
can't let that get outta hand since these are crucial moments
i've ascended upon a brannew plateau of my life...
i'm meetin new crowds of people
seein a lot of faces that love
twice as many more that i hate.
the way that people react to me now is pretty strange.
they think i'm someone i'm not.
they think i have things that i don't.
they want a chunk of me immediately altho they don't deserve anything from me.
it's a lil scary
how people will instantly love u just because
wear friendly faces
they don't even know ur last name or where ur from or who u really are.
people think that they see u onstage
they will instantly be able to connect with u once u step off.
i don't know who to trust lately.
i don't know what to believe.
when u say things to me
do u mean them?
do u wanna know me beyond the stage?
what face do u wanna see when u look at me?

i will never give u what u want
u can have what i choose to give u.
if u really are who u say u want to be to me
u will get to see all of my faces.

i showed a few of those faces for trace magazine's lens.
yes. trace magazine.
not fader, which is what i originally thought.
it's that time of year again for the annual "black girls rule !" issue
yours truly is lucky enough to be included in this issue for the 2nd year inna row.
the photoshoot was simple :
me, mr. schoolhouse of han cholo, a wonderful gold pirate ship necklace, & just the right amount of sunlight.
should be interestin
'specially since it's the "black girls rule !" issue
he's not black
he's definitely not a girl.
we go well together because we both have the same issue with our "faces".
we wear a few all at once
we only have to wear one around each other.
thats important to me right now.

oh, but don't label me "taken" just yet
that same old story is startin to tell itself again
this time
i'm not expectin much
it should work out just fine.

what else can i say today?

everything in general. nothin in particular.


soon come .

promise .

courtesy of yours truly .

enjoy !

she's gotta stop drinkin .

maybe me & amy can go to rehab 2gether.
but not till the end of the summer, of course.
it's just startin to get good!

oh new york city
thank u so much for makin J*DaVeY feel welcome.
the show an awesomely blurry mess.
loved every minute of it.

from the stage . . . .

to the interviews . . . .

to the debauchery . . . .

i've said it once & i'll say it again :
new york city does it to me EVERYtime.

not only did i get rip roarin drunk
i left my blackberry inna taxi cab
witnessed dee-low get attacked by an admirer
fell in love with a boy who's name i never asked
had a hilarious meetin in the ladies room
shook my ass like a magic city stripper in my aa mesh bodysuit (no. i don't recall this, but dee-low says it's so.)
i played air guitar to jimi hendrix
somehow made it to la guardia airport for the 8am flight home
i'm on punishment for the rest of the wknd. gotta be bright eyed & bushy tailed for my fader mag shoot w/ mr. schoolhouse. gotta get some work done. gotta let my liver rest.

will u sponsor me when i check myself into the nearest alcoholics anon group?
i sure hope u will.

new york city is off limits for a while. i go completely dumb there. gotta love it.

wanna know what i love more?
80 degree california weather. endless sunshine. i'm savin sunday for the beach.